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8, Aug, 23

Mysterious 2024 MTG Products Are Absolutely Wild

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After over a year of premature celebration, last weekend, MTG finally had its actual 30th Anniversary. To celebrate this event, Wizards of the Coast went all out during a blockbuster preview panel presentation. Delighting attendees at Gen Con, Wizards debuted the next three years of MTG sets and products. 

Thanks to all the reveals, it’s safe to say we’ve had a lot to cover. Doing just that, we’ve already highlighted upcoming Universes Beyond sets, the 2024 calendar, and even the highly-anticipated return to Lorwyn! While each of these announcements was undeniably exciting, we’ve still not covered everything just yet. 

All that changes today, however, as we’re finally looking at the last major reveal of Wizards Gen Con bonanza. In 2024, MTG is getting a pair of new products, and they are as wild as they are mysterious. 

Ravnica: Clue Edition

Ravnica Clue Edition Key Art

Alongside the reveal of a return to Ravnica in Murders at Karlov Manor, Wizards revealed a brand new MTG product. As helpfully given away by the subheading above, this is Ravnica: Clue Edition. Also known as Ravnica: Cleudo Edition, this product is a brand new, presumably one-off, MTG product that is just bizarre, quite frankly. 

Given the name, you may expect Ravnica: Clue Edition to simply be a rebranding of the classic Clue game. Considering MTG owner Hasbro publishes the game, this would seem like an obvious crossover that plays into the set’s themes. Somewhat remarkably, however, Ravnica: Clue Edition isn’t just another simple reskin classic game. Instead, this MTG product is something new entirely. 

Designed to be enjoyable for fans of MTG and Clue alike, Ravnica: Clue Edition is a “brand new whodunnit experience.” That’s according to MTG’s Senior Product Designer, Athena Froehlich, who revealed the product during the recent preview presentation. “Ravnica: Clue Edition, offers a new twist on multiplayer Magic gameplay, designed in-house by our R&D team,” Froehlich continued.

Set to be released in February of 2024, alongside Murders at Karlov Manor, Ravnica: Clue Edition promises to be a “self-contained experience that is unique and fun, all on its own.” Unfortunately, that’s the majority of what we know about this upcoming Universes Beyond release thus far. Subsequently, you may be wondering, what on earth even is Ravnica: Clue Edition?

Sadly, we’re not being told the answer to this all-important question just yet. What has been revealed, however, is that Ravnica: Clue Edition is decidedly more Magic than Clue. In fact, according to MTG’s Lead Designer, Mark Rosewater “It’s a Magic variant, with Clue flavor and mechanical influence, designed by R&D.” This may well mean this product contains brand new MTG cards for players to enjoy. 

Beyond Boosters 

Assassin's Creed Universes Beyond Art

As you may have gathered from reading the above, Ravnica: Clue Edition is aptly shrouded in a thick coat of mystery. What we have been told seems fun, but ultimately we’re just going to have to sit tight to learn more. While this may not be what a lot of MTG players want to hear, compared to Beyond Boosters, Wizards has been incredibly forthcoming about Ravnica: Clue Edition.

Similarly launching in 2024, albeit later in July, Beyond Boosters, is a brand new type of MTG booster pack. As you might have guessed given their name, this new product is for upcoming Universes Beyond MTG sets. The first set to get these new booster packs will be the upcoming 2024 Assassin’s Creed set. 

“This is also the debut of the Beyond Booster, a new kind of booster that features a beloved world,” Froehlich explained. “They aren’t Draftable, but each booster takes you on a journey unique to that universe.”

“Plug in directly to the Animus, with new cards and exciting reprints featuring favorite characters and moments from the Assassin’s Creed games. Aspiring assassins can take their new skills to the deadliest formats, including Modern.” 

Athena Froehlich

While the new Beyond Boosters certainly sound interesting, beyond the fact they’re not draftable, we don’t know much. Thankfully, Mark Rosewater has appeared again to reveal a little more info. Responding to a question on Blogatog, Rosewater revealed Assassin’s Creed’s Beyond Boosters may be smaller than expected. 

“It *was* stated. Final Fantasy is a full tentpole release like Lord of the Rings. Assassin’s Creed is what we’re calling a beyond booster. Think a small set that isn’t drafted.” 

Mark Rosewater

From this statement, it appears that Assassin’s Creed could be more akin to a micro set, rather than a full release. If this is indeed the case, we can only hope the set and Beyond Boosters contain a decent amount of cards. Following March of the Machine: The Aftermath, it seems 50 card sets aren’t all too fun to open. Thankfully, since the Assassin’s Creed set includes new cards, reprints, and elements from each game, it should hopefully be problematically micro in size. 

The Future’s Still a Long Way Away

Goose Hydra Art | Wilds of Eldraine (Maybe)
Goose Hydra Art | Wilds of Eldraine (Maybe)

Ultimately, from all that was revealed during the Gen Con preview panel, MTG has a lot of incredibly exciting and interesting products in store for the future. As exciting as these reveals have been, however, they are still a while away. For example, it’ll be at least six months before anything we talked about today gets released. 

While it is no wonder that details are sparse because of this, thankfully, we don’t just have to wait around for six months. After all, there are plenty of sets releasing in the meantime. In fact, the Wilds of Eldraine story season is starting today. Thanks to this, players should have no shortage of new content to enjoy over the next month at least. 

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