pinfinity midnight hunt set
14, Jan, 22

Pinfinity: Innistrad Midnight Hunt Set Review

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Article at a Glance

If you’ve never heard of Pinfinity, get used to hearing their name! They are a company creating incredibly high quality Augmented Reality pins and they’ve got a deal with Wizards of the Coast to produce Magic: The Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons products! You won’t find this technology anywhere else either, so they really are completely unique.

As part of an ongoing series, we’re going to take a look at some of their recent products that were available as part of the Pinfinity+ subscription service leading up to their next release which is Champions of Kamigawa. So, let’s take a look at the Innistrad: Midnight Hunt set!

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Pinfinity – Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Pin Set

pinfinity midnight hunt set

Pinfinity, for those of you who are unaware, is an incredibly talented team that create high-quality AR pins across a variety of different pop culture properties. They just so happen to be huge Magic: The Gathering fans too. This passion, without doubt, comes across in the care and detail that has gone into every pin product they have released so far and they have grand plans for the future.

The Midnight Hunt set was released as part of their Pinfinity+ subscription and dropped around the same time as the card set did. It includes three pins; Arlinn, The Pack’s Hope, Arlinn, The Moon’s Fury and a special set icon pin.

This all comes inside premium packaging that really sells their collectable nature. In future sets, which we’ll detail when looking at Crimson Vow, AR art cards – cleverly branded as ARt cards – are also included.

You download the free Pinfinity app and hold your phone’s camera over the pins to activate their AR features. This includes some unreal live AR art, music, downloadable mobile wallpapers and much more! Another fun feature includes a ‘selfie cam’ that allows you to put yourself into the card frame!

Many MTG fans cringe at the sight of non-cardboard merchandise but the love and attention that goes into Pinfinity products are second to none. If there was ever a product well worth collecting outside of the cards themselves, this is it! We’re huge fans of the product and can’t recommend them enough!

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What is Pinfinity+?

Pinfinity+ is an amazing perk-filled subscription service that gets you access to a ton of content and discounts for great value. You can see the perks of the membership listed above which go above and beyond just a bi-monthly product membership. New sets are currently released every two months thus why your subscription would be charged every two months.

There are two subscription options available;

  • $29.99 + P&P every two months
  • $79.99 + P&P every six months (three subscription cycles) which is a saving of $10 over the standard subscription.

Better yet, we have an exclusive discount code that will get you 20% off anything in the store! It will also work your first Pinfinity+ subscription payment. Use MTGROCKS at checkout to receive this amazing discount! The Midnight Hunt and Crimson Vow sets are now in the vault so you can only purchase them with an active Pinfinity+ subscription.

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