muldrotha, the gravetide
15, Sep, 22

New MTG Warhammer Card Takes Infinite Turns with this Combo!

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Quickly after spoiling one particular Warhammer card, the MTG Hivemind promptly spit out an absurd three-card combo on Twitter that allows its owner to take infinite turns for only two mana per turn (technically one, but there are some land tap abilities involved). The catch with this combo is that two of the three pieces are lands (with additional options that can be swapped out), making this combo incredibly difficult to interact with. The third piece is a three mana enchantment, making this an easy play as early as turn one (but more likely turns two or three).

Out of the Tombs

Out of the Tombs is a three mana enchantment in the Mono Black Necron Warhammer Commander deck. Ironically, very little of this card actually matters for the infinite combo. We can somewhat forget about this being a Thassa’s Oracle alternative should you draw from an empty library and have the aforementioned card in your graveyard; the only thing that matters is that this card uses Eon counters. Twitter user @ghostmoding posted this combo giving credit to @KingcliffAQW, who apparently stole it from a Reddit post.

Infinite Combos for Less than a Dollar

magosi, the waterveil
nesting ground
[tooltips]Magosi, the Waterveil[/tooltips] may be the most heavily speculated price hike in the Secondary market right now. Individuals are already buying dozens of copies over TCGplayer for about 30 cents each. This alone should likely make Magosi spike to a dollar, considering it’s a Rare that only has a single printing from an old set, so get on this quick if this combo interests you! [tooltips]Nesting Ground[/tooltips] was printed in two recent Commander preconstructed decks, so that card is much less likely to have a huge spike.

Regarding the combo, you will be taking infinite turns with Magosi. This land has an ability that removes an Eon counter from it and bounces it to your hand to take an extra turn. The issue is that Magosi’s cost to gain an eon counter forces its owner to skip a turn, which is an incredibly high price to pay. Fortunately, [tooltips]Out of the Tombs[/tooltips] also creates Eon counters, so all we need now is a way to transfer the counters from one card to the other.

To solve the last piece of the puzzle, we have [tooltips]Nesting Ground[/tooltips]. This land allows its owner to move an Eon counter from Out of the Tombs to Magosi. This combination will enable you to take infinite turns as long as the land you play for each turn is Magosi (including the turn where you first bounce it). This will allow you to untap Magosi on the next extra turn and repeat the loop. As mentioned, this whole sequence is two mana (technically one, but you need one mana in addition to the other lands in the combo), the same cost as a [tooltips]Time Walk[/tooltips].

How you win past that point is up to you, but [tooltips]Out of the Tombs[/tooltips] synergizes exceptionally well with [tooltips]Thassa’s Oracle[/tooltips]. With this in your deck, you won’t even need to take any game actions outside of repeating the loop, as Out of Tombs will eventually mill your entire deck and return the Oracle from your graveyard on its own to win the game.

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An Alternative

resourceful defense

Pointed out by Twitter user Chompborger, [tooltips]Resourceful Defense[/tooltips] can be used as an alternative to [tooltips]Nesting Grounds[/tooltips]. With its five mana ability, Resourceful Defense can also move the Eon counters around, taking infinite turns in the process.

A Commander to Help

archelos, lagoon mystic

You don’t need this card to make the combo work, but it can help you get the combo off even faster. [tooltips]Archelos, Lagoon Mystic[/tooltips] allows you to ignore the ‘tapped’ clause on [tooltips]Magosi, the Waterveil[/tooltips]. You can therefore go infinite on the turn where you play Magosi the first time as long as you have the other pieces. Generally, you would need to wait a turn for Magosi to untap otherwise.

zur, the enchanter

Another Commander recommended from the mentioned Twitter accounts is [tooltips]Zur, the Enchanter[/tooltips]. This Commander can help search for [tooltips]Out of the Tombs[/tooltips] upon attacking. Should you use the [tooltips]Resourceful Defense[/tooltips] alternative, then Zur can search for two pieces of the puzzle. That said, considering most Land searching abilities are in Green (Like [tooltips]Hour of Promise[/tooltips], [tooltips]Tempt of Discovery[/tooltips], [tooltips]Crop Rotation[/tooltips], and many more), you may want to stick to a Green Commander to search for the other two pieces.

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muldrotha, the gravetide

Our personal recommendation for a Commander for this infinite combo is [tooltips]Muldrotha, the Gravetide[/tooltips]. Not only does it have access to Green cards for land searching, but Muldrotha also interacts heavily with the graveyard, which Out of the Tombs fuels with its mill ability. Muldrotha’s ability will also allow you to recur any pieces that get destroyed from your graveyard. Considering that a new premium version of this card was released in Double Masters 2022 recently, finding a Muldrotha may cost you much less than expected.

Warhammer Will have a Heavy Impact

There are some other cards that look like they will even impact Eternal formats coming out of this set. Considering the massive number of unique cards printed in these Commander decks, we expect the demand for these preconstructed powerhouses to be higher than ever before.

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