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5, Oct, 23

New MTG Planeswalker Bonus Cards Are Selling for $500+?!

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Effectively the main characters within the MTG universe, unsurprisingly, Planeswalkers are rather important from a lore perspective. Thanks to this, Planeswalkers are often rather powerful, or at least fun to play with at the very least. Unsurprisingly, this means many Planeswalker MTG cards are rather expensive, costing upwards of $35!

While powerhouse cards like Wrenn and Six may top the pricing charts, Planeswalkers get a whole lot more expensive. After all, these cards and the characters they depict are iconic, making them inherently collectible. Tapping into this collectible market, Wizards has made some incredible promo cards and Secret Lair drops in the past. 

Both gorgeous and rare, these collectible Planeswalkers can easily sell for hundreds of dollars. While this is no small feat, many of these sales have recently been blown out of the water by a new bonus card. Trouncing much of the competition, MTG now has another $500+ Planeswalker. For the time being, at least…

Baffling Baseball Bonus Cards

When the Fall Superdrop 2023 was revealed back in August, many MTG players were understandably rather excited. After all, what’s not to love about another batch of gorgeous reprints with stunning and unique art? Offering compelling foil value, this Secret Lair Superdrop definitely had a lot to offer, including the Magic: The Baseballing drop. 

While this Secret Lair drop might not have had the best reprint value, there’s no denying it looked absolutely fantastic. Utilizing the style of classic baseball cards, Wizards managed to make the first five Planeswalkers look even more iconic! As good as they looked, however, this was only the second most enticing detail about these Planeswalker MTG cards. 

Spotted by MTG player u/Last_Lizard on Reddit, for a short time, the Magic: The Baseballing cards appeared to have a signed variant. Seemingly appearing in the “This One Is Dedicated To My Foils Bundle” many players were understandably excited at this prospect. Unfortunately, however, this image was eventually replaced by Wizards, leaving players in the dark. 

As many MTG players expected, it wasn’t too long before we saw these signed baseball cards once again. Now that Fall Superdrop orders are being delivered to players, the signed cards have appeared as Bonus Cards. Unsurprisingly connected to the Magic: The Baseballing drop, these bonus cards sadly aren’t a guaranteed inclusion, making them quite a rarity. 

With incredibly few signed Magic: The Baseballing having been posted to Reddit thus far, just calling them rare might be an understatement. Potentially on par with Persistent Petitioners Secret Lair cards, these Planeswalkers could be the rarest bonus cards around. As you might expect, this makes these cards tremendously expensive.

MTG’s Latest $500 Planeswalker

Magic: The Baseballing | Secret Lair
We’re just going to have to pretend these are signed since images don’t exist yet…

Cashing in on the rarity of these new bonus cards, a few MTG players have taken to the secondary market. Listing their cards on websites such as TCGplayer, it seems there’s an insane amount of demand for these signed Planeswalker cards. So much so, in fact, that they’ve already become some of the most expensive Planeswalkers ever printed!

Selling for a staggering $500.98, the signed Garruk Wildspeaker card is now the fourth most expensive Planeswalker ever! As if that wasn’t enough, the signed Ajani Goldmane sold for $420.69 (nice). This impressive sale technically puts Ajani in the number six spot on the most expensive Planeswalker list

So far, Garruk and Ajani are the only two signed Magic: The Baseballing cards to have sold via TCGplayer. This, however, hasn’t stopped other stores and users from listing the remaining cards at some seriously expensive prices. While they’re no longer available on TCGplayer, it appears the signed Lliana Vess was briefly listed for $2,000. Unsurprisingly, it didn’t sell at this price. 

Even with only two of the signed Planeswalkers selling so far, it’s clear they’re incredibly expensive. For better or worse, however, there’s no guarantee this price will last. After all, only two copies of these cards have sold in total. Thanks to this, it’s incredibly premature to say these cards are actually worth $400-$500. 

In reality, should more copies of the signed Magic: The Baseballing cards be found, the price will likely tank. Considering other ultra-rare bonus cards like Persistent Petitioners #595 are only worth $339, this seems inevitable. For this to happen, however, players will have to get lucky with their Bonus Card pulls first. 

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