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11, Oct, 23

New MTG Bundle Provides Excellent Commander Value

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Unfortunately, as much as we love it, Magic: the Gathering is not a cheap game to play. No matter what format you’re playing, it’s worryingly easy to get carried away, spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Thanks to this, it’s no wonder that MTG players are often on the lookout for a good deal or enticing bundle. 

Luckily for MTG players on a budget, there has been no shortage of these lucrative offers recently. Amazon Prime Day, for starters, has provided players with plenty of sealed discounts. Alongside this, it appears another major US storefront is getting into the MTG game with its very own rather promising bundle!

Costco Is Selling MTG Bundles

Compared to other big box stores, Costco is certainly quite an oddity. Selling practically anything under the sun in bulk quantities, this chain definitely bucks the trend of modern convenience. Costco does this so much, in fact, that you even need a membership just to go inside one of their stores!

Despite these unusual details, Costco is still a remarkably popular store thanks to the deals and bulk discounts it offers. With this in mind, it’s no wonder that people have been getting excited seeing MTG products stacked high on pallets. Beyond being obviously exciting, however, there’s also a good deal of confusion, as Costco seems to have practically created its own product! 

Inventing a brand new bundle, Costco has packaged together a Commander precon, a trio of Set Boosters, and a few bonus MTG cards. Priced between $39.99 and $59.99 (CAD, so around $30-$45), these bundles offer a good deal of value to players. Alongside this, it’s a great entry into Magic: the Gathering in general! 

As much as preconstructed decks have helped Commander’s immense popularity boom, they’re only a snippet of what MTG offers. For many players, the fun really begins when you start to customize, upgrade, and curate your own deck. By providing a trio of Set Boosters, Costco is providing the first step for players to do exactly this which is surprisingly brilliant. 

Ultimately, as good as these bundles will be for new players, that’s not what has people excited. That, instead, is the prospect of finding not just good, but great value inside these new bundles. Luckily for excited players, Costco’s MTG bundles definitely have this and then some. 

Incredible Reprints at Discount Prices

From what we’ve seen posted on social media so far, a number of different preconstructed decks can be packaged inside the new Costco bundles. Thankfully, each bundle uses clear packaging, so there’s no mystery about what’s inside. Considering the value of preconstructed decks varies wildly, this clear packaging is undoubtedly welcome. 

As for what decks we’ve seen thus far, only the four precons from Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur’s Gate have been spotted. While this isn’t the biggest selection, there’s still plenty of value and cards to be excited about. For example, Black Market Connections from the Party Time deck is worth $30 alone! 

Complimenting this already compelling reprint, the Exit from Exile deck also contains Jeska’s Will. Typically selling for around $20, this card could easily be sold to recoup costs or finance different upgrades. Unfortunately, the other two decks, Draconic Dissent and Mind Flayarrrs don’t have any standout reprints of note. 

Despite only a few reprints being worthwhile between the four decks, each one is still at least at cost. According to MTGGoldfish, each deck is worth at least $52. This already more than makes up for the maximum $60 CAD price tag. Keep in mind, however, that since most cards are >$1, selling every card would be incredibly difficult. 

As we mentioned before, the Costco bundles aren’t just the Baldur’s Gate Commander decks. They also include a trio of set boosters to bump up the value. Adding around $12 to the equation, these bundles are great deals, even at $59.99 CAD! If you can find them for $39.99, this deal is quite frankly insane!

The More the Merrier

Nalia de'Arnise | Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur's Gate
Nalia de’Arnise | Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur’s Gate

Unfortunately, while the Costo MTG bundles do look amazing so far, we don’t know how commonplace they’ll be. For starters, we don’t know if they’re only going to be limited to Canada, or if they’ll appear in the US and elsewhere in the world. Alongside this, there’s also no telling if different decks will be available in the future. 

Despite all this uncertainty, the new Costco bundles definitely look like a good deal for MTG players both new and old. Should they sell well as a result, hopefully, this could lead to the product line expanding in the future. Ultimately, at the moment, we don’t know what will happen for sure. Subsequently, we’re just going to have to hope, wait, and see what the future brings. 

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