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New MTG Beadle and Grimm's Product Leak Gives Cool Hints Towards Bloomburrow Mechanics!

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The Magic Con Chicago preview panel truly revealed a lot of information regarding upcoming sets. Outlaws of Thunder Junction is our next premier set, and it’s coming up on us awfully fast. This Wild West-themed set featuring a unique Crime mechanic has a lot to offer.

We also got sneak peaks at the MTG Assassin’s Creed crossover and Modern Horizons III. Given Modern’s current state, some players are hoping Modern Horizons III brings about some improvements to the format.

All things considered, though, it seems like a lot of players are heavily looking forward to the release of Bloomburrow. Despite the fact that Outlaws of Thunder Junction hasn’t released yet and there are still plenty of spoilers yet to be seen, the cute and cuddly nature of Bloomburrow has a lot of people excited.

Bloomburrow is set to release August 2, 2024, and we’ve already seen a multitude of things associated with the set get revealed.

First, some powerful legends, including a cool Prowess-themed Otter, have been previewed.

Second, we got a glimpse at the Commander deck boxes associated with Bloomburrow. Today, we are going to focus on a specific Bloomburrow product associated with Beadle and Grimm’s.

Notably, this item was leaked after supposedly being found on several online retailer sites. As such, even though the product looks real, it’s possible it turns out to be fake. Regardless, if you’d like to wait for further authenticity, consider this your spoiler warning.

Beadle and Grimm’s Bloomburrow Token Set

The Bloomburrow token set is designed by Beadle and Grimm’s Pandemonium Warehouse, which was created by five founders (including actor Matthew Lillard) to further their admiration of roleplaying games. After focusing on Dungeons and Dragons, Beadle and Grimm’s turned their attention to MTG products, beginning with the release of Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty.

For multiple sets, including Phyrexia: All Will Be One and Wilds of Eldraine, Beadle and Grimm’s has designed custom deck boxes, dice, counters, sleeves, and more. For the Bloomburrow token set, this product appears to be quite similar to the Wilds of Eldraine token set. Both packages each come with a tin box, a metal life counter that goes from 1-40, six dice, seven aluminum tokens, and a handful of metal counters to place on MTG cards.

This Bloomburrow token set does come with three 1/1 Fish tokens. None of the cards spoiled for Bloomburrow so far care about these. Still, given the wide range of Creatures in the set, both land and sea, this isn’t too surprising and provides a nice bit of foreshadowing. While it’s not entirely clear the exact date that this token set will become available for purchase, it looks like players can buy this at some point in Q3 of 2024.

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Looking Closer at the Aluminum Tokens

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the Bloomburrow token set reveal, however, comes when players analyze the tokens themselves. While it can be a bit hard to read, one of the tokens is specifically named Warren Warleader, and has a mana cost of 2W. It’s a 1/1 Rabbit Knight that gives you the choice of either buffing your team or creating a 1/1 Rabbit tapped and attacking whenever it attacks.

“Any token that’s a copy of a Spell (say from Squad or from something like Cackling Counterpart or for a more transformative version, God-Pharaoh’s Gift) has a mana cost despite not being cast. It might be that this token is a copy generated by an ability like that.”


So why is this intriguing? Well, in the vast majority of cases, tokens don’t have a mana value. They also don’t typically feature distinct names with this large of a textbox. As ThyLordyQ points out, tokens with mana values generally come from effects that specifically make token copies of a Creature spell or Creature in play.

With this in mind, there’s a solid chance these token copies are linked to the “Offspring” mechanic associated with Bloomburrow. The ability of Bloomburrow cards to “make Offspring” was revealed with the preview of the Family Matters Commander deck shown above. Not much else has been highlighted yet with regards to these Commander decks, as we haven’t seen their associated Commanders yet.

Either way, considering that the goal of this deck is to go wide while making Offspring, it would make sense that a focal point of the deck is to generate token copies of your Creatures in some way. After all, this is a flavorful way of representing general genetic inheritance.

Some players suggested that the tokens created will likely be 1/1s instead, helping to represent the Offspring’s small stature. Given the existence of Offspring’s Revenge already as an MTG card, this idea doesn’t seem too far-fetched. It’ll be cool to see how well these ideas ending up matching the real thing as we gather more information over time.

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