21, Mar, 24

MTG Fallout Card Sees 1500% Price Spike Following Constructed Breakout!

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Article at a Glance

While the MTG Fallout expansion was a resounding success, there is one awkward flaw clinging onto an otherwise untarnished mantle. The set’s loadout into Eternal Formats has been unsatisfactory for the player base.

Commander players everywhere are absolutely loving what Fallout has brought to Magic, but Legacy and Vintage players have a different story to tell. Because of how expensive paper Legacy and Vintage decks are, the barrier to entry for paper players to participate in these formats is absurdly high. Unless you have an extra $5000 sitting around, this can make getting into these formats, as well as finding people to play them with, surprisingly difficult.

As a result, most of Legacy and Vintage’s serious competitive play happens on MTGO, or Magic Online. Not only can players gather here without issues, but decks are incredibly cheap to build in comparison to their paper counterparts. Thanks to MTGO not needing to abide to the Reserved List, decks prices are only 10% of their paper counterparts – most of the time, at least.

Sadly, there are no current plans for MTG Fallout to hit Magic Online. Considering that Fallout cards are Legacy and Vintage legal, this could create a massive metagame disparity between paper and online play, as long as the Fallout cards have a big impact. Even though these Eternal sets are usually intended for Commander play, it’s rare that an entire Universes Beyond set fails to make an impact on an Eternal format.

Some time has passed, but it does appear that an MTG Fallout card is seeing some Legacy play. Not only does this mean that the metagame disparity between online and paper play is a real concern, it also means that an MTG Fallout card is skyrocketing in price!

One Big, Slow Boy

Lumbering Megasloth

The card appearing to see Legacy play from the MTG Fallout set is Lumbering Megasloth. Ironically, we recommended that players should remove Lumbering Megasloth from its precon, and we still abide by that recommendation. Cheap 8/8 bodies don’t go too far in the Commander format, but a constructed format with only two players and 20 life is a completely different story.

Basically, Lumbering Megasloth can become a really cheap 8/8 Trampling body as long as players have a way to get a bunch of counters on their board. In Legacy, a two mana 8/8 can be absolutely devastating.

The Megasloth actually slots into an existing archetype in a really explosive and scary way. This is a great addition to decks trying to win by utilizing Dark Depths.

Lumbering Megasloth in Legacy

Dark Depths is a terrifying land that is easy to abuse in a way that is unintended. Should you manage to remove all of the ice counters on it, you get a 20/20 Flying Indestructible creature. One connection is enough to end the game.

Typically, instead of sinking a grand total of 30 mana into removing the counters with Dark Depths’ activated ability, players will find other ways to get the ability to go off. One of the most common ways to do this is to use Thespian’s Stage to copy Dark Depths. Since that land will not have any counters on it, it will immediately create the Marit Lage token.

While the general objective with Dark Depths is to get rid of the counters it has, Lumbering Megasloth profits from the counters themselves. As soon as Dark Depths enters play, it immediately discounts the Megasloth by ten mana, making it a two mana 8/8. Saddle this big guy alongside Broadside Bombardiers from The Lost Caverns of Ixalan Commander, and you have a game-ending combo.

This also explains why the Lumbering Megasloth is selling so well as four-ofs. While there is still some Commander interest for the card, a majority of the card’s price spike appears to be thanks to its Legacy potential.

We say potential because, while many players are already fervently brewing around the card thanks to the Dark Depths combo, it does not appear to have major breakout performances yet. This, sadly, is largely due the card being unavailable for digital play.

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The Spike

Lumbering Megasloth has truly taken off this week! Just seven days ago, Lumbering Megasloth wasn’t even worth a dollar. Finding this card for just fifty cents was perfectly realistic.

Just a week later, and Lumbering Megasloth is now retailing for as high as $8.96! Considering the 56-cent nadir for its market average on TCGplayer over the last week, that’s a 1500% spike! There are copies beginning to sell for $9.50+ but the market around this card is in chaos thanks to the spike being so fresh.

While the spike looks nowhere near finished, it’s difficult to know where it will end. Lumbering Megasloth appears to be in its brewing phase for Legacy, and if it fails to hit the mark, the card could climb back down in price. That said, players seem confident that this is the breakout card for the format from MTG Fallout.

Wave Goodbye

Jumping over to the Lost Caverns of Ixalan Commander, Wave Goodbye is getting a pretty big price jump. While this sees some very fringe play in cEDH, this spike is almost entirely thanks to Commander.

If your deck wants to interact with +1/+1 counters, Wave Goodbye can essentially become a cheaper (and weaker)Cyclonic Rift. Able to reset your opponents creatures while leaving yours untouched, there is a lot of potential for this card. Sadly, the Sorcery speed of Wave Goodbye prevents it from playing a Teferi’s Protection sort of role outside of extreme scenarios.

Notably, the new Mutant Menace Fallout Commander deck does have a +1/+1 subtheme, which can allow Wave Goodbye to play well with it as an upgrade.

No matter what the specific cause of this price spike is, Wave Goodbye has seen a price increase from about $1 to $9 rather suddenly.

Are There More Fallout Secrets?

For now, Lumbering Megasloth seems to be the breakout MTG Fallout card, but that doesn’t mean more could be coming our way. Players will continue to tinker with the new Fallout cards in the Legacy format, but any promising results will likely be slow to hit the internet thanks to the cards’ absence on Magic Online.

For now, it’s tough to tell if the Megasloth will be the real deal in the long term, but the card certainly looks fun to brew with alongside Dark Depths.

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