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Exclusive Red-Bordered MTG Secret Lair has Surprising Reprint Value

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This year, Wizards of the Coast’s Secret Lair franchise announced a major change. Instead of the print-to-demand model that Secret Lairs have employed throughout 2023 to ensure that everyone who wants a Secret Lair can get their hands on it, Secret Lairs are now moving to a limited print model in order to speed up shipping times.

The effects of this change have already shown major results. The recent Raining Cats & Dogs Secret Lair Commander Precon, for example, sold out in just six hours. Scalpers were quick to post the product for resale, charging twice as much, or more, for the same contents.

Just a few days after that sale concluded, more Secret Lairs are being announced. With the recent shock of the six-hour sale still being fresh in players’ minds, it will be interesting to see how these Secret Lairs will be received. This particular article will look into a bizarre series of red-bordered MTG cards that will be offered as a Con-Exclusive Secret Lair.

Burning Revelations

Burning Revelations is a new con-exclusive Secret Lair available only in the traditional foil treatment. Including five different cards, this Secret Lair will exclusively be available at all 2024 MTG con events. According to Wizards of the Coast, the Secret Lair may also be found at “additional non-Wizards events in 2024.” Product quantity for each appearance of the Burning Revelations Secret Lair will be limited.

For players hoping for some significant reprint value, Burning Revelations does have one card in particular with a strong secondary market price. Despite many of the Secret Lair reprints being common, considering foil printings of all the reprinted cards, this Secret Lair does offer its weight in secondary market value, despite having a premium price point. That said, since some of these foils are inflated by scarcity, it’s difficult to know if these Secret Lair reprints will retain the current secondary market value or not.

Akroma’s Memorial

The most valuable reprint available in the Burning Revelations Secret Lair is Akroma’s Memorial. Primarily a card that sees play in Commander, Akroma’s Memorial decorates your creatures with a series of powerful keywords. If you’re trying to push damage and make combat difficult for your opponents, Akroma’s Memorial is a good inclusion in any creature-based EDH deck.

Currently, a foil Akroma’s Memorial demands about $34 for its cheapest variant according to TCGplayer market averages. This already recoups most of the approximately $47 price tag for the Burning Revelations Secret Lair.

Price of Glory

Price of Glory does not have a lot of printings. Besides a very limited quantity intro pack printing, Price of Glory only has one printing from Odyssey, a set released in 2001.

Price of Glory is a very persuasive way of encouraging players not to interact with one another during other player’s turns. If you do, if you’re tapping lands to cast that interaction, which is commonly the case for any but the best interaction in Commander, those lands that you utilize will be destroyed. Since you need these resources to, well, play the game, this is a huge incentive for players to keep to themselves during other player’s turns.

Because Price of Glory only has one foil printing, it has a major foil multiplier. Offering a TCGplayer market average of $32 compared to the $7 market average of a non-foil from the same set, scarcity is a big factor in this card’s price point. Considering that the Burning Revelations Secret Lair is confirmed to have a limited print run, this reprint may not impact the price of Price of Glory too heavily. That said, the demand for this card is hardly high.

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A Surprisingly Expensive Common

The next card offered in the Burning Revelations Secret Lair is Reckless Fireweaver. This common was originally printed in Kaladesh but has seen a List reprint and a reprint in Jumpstart. Notably, these reprints do not offer foils, which means that only one foil copy of Reckless Fireweaver currently exists.

While Reckless Fireweaver may not seem like much on the surface, the card sees a surprising amount of play in cEDH and Pauper. Some popular Commanders that enjoy employing Reckless Fireweaver include Ob Nixilis, Captive Kingpin, and Partner Commander decks that include Malcolm, Keen-Eyed Navigator. Reckless Fireweaver is not significantly popular in the Pauper format, but does see some play.

Up to this point, Reckless Fireweaver only has one foil printing, and that foil has a surprising market value of $9.55. Despite this card only really seeing play in focused Commander decks, there is still some demand for the Reckless Fireweaver’s most premium existing variant.

The Rest

The other cards in Burning Revelations do not have a price point worth writing home about. That said, the remaining cards do see some play in competitive formats as well as in Commander. If this bizarre artwork is to your taste, they could be worth picking up.

Consider sees a ton of play across multiple different MTG formats. Opt effects have always been useful, fixing your draws and setting up bigger plays by satisfying the conditions of cards like Arclight Phoenix, paying Delve costs on cards like Treasure Cruise Murktide Regent, and more.

Consider is a step up from Opt, allowing the player to Surveil instead of Scry. This upside allows players to fuel graveyard synergies and access card selection at an incredibly cheap cost. As a result, Consider is a very popular card in Pioneer, Commander and Modern.

Consider is also a common, which means that the card doesn’t have a ton of secondary market value. That said, if this Consider speaks to many, it will likely have a premium over the other iterations of Consider considering it is much rarer. That said, this Consider only comes in foil, which are rather unpopular in tournament play thanks to curling issues causing cards to be considered marked.

Inspiring Overseer is another common MTG reprint that sees occasional competitive and Commander play. Angel Typal fans may flock towards this card if they want to show off their deck in style. This is, by far, the fanciest version of Inspiring Overseer on the market.

Angels do see some occasional Pioneer play, but the archetype is not in a good spot at the moment. Even when it is, Inspiring Overseer does not always see play. This reprint should be exciting for Angel Typal Commander fans everywhere, but that’s likely where it ends.

A New Secret Lair Market

Overall, according to current secondary market values of the reprints, Burning Revelations is worth the price tag. That said, two of the three foil cards being reprinted that have relevant secondary market values have those prices largely because of scarcity. Even though this Secret Lair has been confirmed to have a limited quantity, and is not widely available, that limited quantity still may outweigh the overall supply for these cards.

With the recent Raining Cats & Dogs Secret Lair precon selling out in six hours, it’s difficult to know how these newly limited print Secret Lairs will be received.

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