7, Aug, 23

MTG Designer Teases Return of Hit EDH Effect in Wilds of Eldraine!

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Article at a Glance

Magic players have a lot of stuff to dial into for the start of this week. Not only was a massive unban announcement just revealed, but Magic looked three years into its future over the weekend. Now that we’ve had a few days (or hours) to digest that content, there’s even more for us to consider.

As is considered tradition at this point, MTG designer Mark Rosewater has graced the community with a few teasers for the upcoming Wilds of Eldraine spoiler season. In the past, these teasers have heralded some huge things, like the completion of the Sword of __ & __ cycle.

Wilds of Eldraine spoiler season is scheduled to start next week Tuesday, so players will have just over a week to speculate about what these teasers could mean. Here are some of the wildest things that Rosewater has teased to be a part of Wilds of Eldraine, including the return of Parharmonicon effects!

More Panharmonicon Effects

Its no secret that Commander players are infatuated with Panharmonicon effects. These cards offer a ludicrous amount of value over time in a way that doesn’t usually (but can) go infinite. Since Commander games, especially casual ones, tend to go for a long time, these setup cards that have little immediate impact, but massive impact over time, can snowball boards into absurdly difficult things to deal with.

An example of a Panharmonicon effect is as the teaser states:

“If a permanent entering the battlefield causes a triggered ability of a permanent you control to trigger, that ability triggers an additional time.”

This is actually better than the namesake card since there’s no restriction on the permanent type causing the copy trigger. Basically, Panharmonicon effects offers additional triggers of things under certain scenarios, and entering the battlefield to trigger the thing is the most common instance of these cards.

Gandalf, the White from Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth is another example of effects like this. Honestly, it feels like some sort of doubling or trigger copy effect is in every set at this point.

Adventures on a New Permanent Type

I will wholeheartedly admit that I am a little biased about being excited for this teaser. I play Adventure-focused decks in Commander, so having new Adventure-related tools to play with is a very interesting nod.

For reference, Adventure spells first appeared in the Throne of Eldraine and feature cards that, basically, contain two different ones. All Adventures are typically permanents that offer an optional instant or sorcery to cast from your hand. If you cast the instant or sorcery, instead of going to your graveyard, Adventure cards will ‘go on an Adventure.’ They stay in exile, waiting for you to cast their permanent equivalent from there. Of course, if you cast the permanent first, no Adventures will be had. Since these cards are, essentially, two-for-ones, they are very popular in competitive environments.

So far, we’ve had Adventure cards connected to creatures and artifacts, but nothing else. Considering that we already know that Wilds of Eldraine has a heavy enchantment focus, chances are that the new permanent type for Adventures are going to be enchantments. It will be interesting to see what these cards do.

Alongside a new Adventure permanent is a potential new finisher for Adventure decks with the following text:

“X is 2 plus the number of cards in your graveyard that are instant cards, sorcery cards, and/or have an Adventure.”

This could be any number of things, but we did see a similar card in the form of Candlekeep Inspiration in Commander Masters: Battle for Baldur’s Gate.

Fairy Tale Sagas

It was made apparent that the Eldraine plane takes a lot of inspiration from Fairy Tales. Cards like Lovestruck Beast from the last Eldraine set are a great example of this in action. This time around, players will be getting Fairy Tale Sagas.

This could be a new card subtype, but chances are this series of sagas will simply tell stories that we are already very familiar with.

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Looking Deeper

Dig Through Time is one of the most powerful combo enablers of all time. Able to look at the top seven cards of your library and pick two cards from among them, Dig Through Time is easily capable of finding at least one combo piece for your deck to utilize. That said, Delve remains the reason why this card is so great. Getting this effect for just two Blue mana is an unprecedented amount of value.

Consider if Dig Through Time could instead look at the top twenty cards of your library. This would almost turn the card into a tutor. Well, one of the new cards coming out in Wilds of Eldraine, according to Rosewater, will look twenty cards deep into your deck.

Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be able to take two cards from among the twenty. If that is the case, there’s a good chance the card will cost a lot of mana. We have absolutely no idea what interaction the player will have with these twenty cards, but it certainly is a heck of a lot of cards to look at. The card could even simply allow you to “Look at the top twenty cards of your library” and do nothing else – essentially allowing you to plan ahead.

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Alpha Throwbacks

Included in Rosewater’s teasers is two callbacks to the first set Magic ever created thirty years ago. One of these is incredibly exciting for Limited enthusiasts, as an archetype in the set is being created around a creature archetype from the set. This, honestly, could be any number of things like Angels, Dragons and Elves. Typal archetypes, regardless of the type, tend to be rather popular.

Otherwise, a new mechanic will be coming to Wilds of Eldraine “that batches together three items that have been in the game since Alpha but never batched before” has also been teased. This could mean a variety of different things and could range from something monumental and game-changing to a cute trick.

Creature Types

Of course, this is far from everything that MTG Designer Mark Rosewater revealed in his Wilds of Eldraine Teaser. If you’d like to see more, you can take a look here. Otherwise, the story arch for Wilds of Eldraine is also scheduled to start this week. If you’re looking forward to that, stay tuned on DailyMTG. Of course, if any major things happen throughout the storyline, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Until then, here are some wacky creature types revealed by Rosewater to be a part of Wilds of Eldraine. Once again, spoilers for this set start next week.

• Creature – Mouse

• Creature – Rabbit Unicorn

• Creature – Faerie Shapeshifter

• Creature – Elf Fox Knight

• Creature – Giant Archer

• Creature – Plant Wurm

• Creature – Elemental Raccoon

• Legendary Creature – Rat Noble

• Legendary Creature – Vedalken Scout

• Legendary Creature – Human Warlock Bard

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