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20, Jun, 22

MTG's Newest Product Got MORE Expensive! Last Chance on Good Prices!

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Article at a Glance

Double Masters 2022 is looking like a fantastic set so far. Spoiler season has been cranking out consistent high-ticket cards that excited the player base. With everyone excited about owning their first Imperial Seal, the amount of attention this set is getting is enormous. Unfortunately, the player base isn’t the only one to notice it.

While there were deals to grab these boxes for under $300, those are all gone now. I hope some of you managed to cash in on the deals mentioned in this article!

Double Masters Sealed Prices Skyrocket

LGSs have also realized the potential of Double Masters 2022, and they’re ready to make a profit. Over the last week, Double Masters 2022 booster boxes have seen staggering increases. According to TCGPlayer, On June 11, these boxes were sitting for around $270. They are now worth $330 and show no signs of stopping there.

While prices for these boxes are surging, not everyone has caught up to the trend yet. Amazon currently has Double Masters 2022 boxes retailing for way below average! As I wrote this article, prices were spiking on the site! This may be the last chance to get a good deal on Double Masters 2022 booster boxes!

Preview Season

What’s the cause of these crazy price increases? Well, I already mentioned it. Spoiler Season has been incredible for the set, with multiple $50 singles making an appearance. From Dockside Extortionist to Thrumming Stone, Double Masters 2022 is a Commander player’s dream come true. As demand for boxes increases, so does the price.

There has been some variance introduced. Cards like Lavalanche are not something players will be thrilled opening in a $330 box. For the most part, spoilers have been quite impressive. There may be some nasty variance in box toppers, but hopefully, this will not be the case.

Is it a Good Deal?

If this Double Masters set follows the trends of the last one, then, sadly, this is still an excellent deal for MTG investors. In the past year, Double Masters booster boxes have seen an increase in price from about $415 to $650. Due to having smaller print runs, these products almost always see a consistent rise in price as time goes by. This is partially because as more boxes are opened, fewer are available.

There is a point with MTG sealed products where it becomes more challenging to make the value back of a sealed box (if you choose to open it). If you’re interested in purchasing Double Masters 2022 as an investment, this is a good chance if you missed out on the lower prices. Prices are spiking, after all, because players theoretically still stand to get value from the box for this price. As prices rise, the value for players who want to open MTG’s newest boxes becomes more questionable.

With Amazon having prices significantly lower than average right now, this may be your last chance to get Double Masters 2022 booster boxes before they spike over $350. As I wrote this article, prices were spiking on the site! Don’t miss this chance!

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