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MTG EDH Gem Gets First-Ever Foil Printing in Sock Promotion

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MTG players should be very aware of Hasbro’s constant extension of the MTG IP. Ever since Universes Beyond rose to popularity, we’ve seen a vast number of collaborations come to the MTG community. From things already within Hasbro including Transformers, to the incredibly popular Lord of the Rings collaboration, Universes Beyond is a massive part of Magic: the Gathering now. Heck, we’re getting even bigger collaborations in the near future. A massive Marvel collaboration is slanted to touch down in 2025.

Some of these collaborations encompass a complete set of new MTG cards. Others are simply a few new cards introduced in a Secret Lair product. In rare instances, these promotional cards are introduced as one-offs with other affiliated MTG merch. Consider the recent Lightning Bolts alongside the MTG Nerf Gun.

We have yet another promotional card of this vein to show and, despite the slightly different nature of the promotion, the reprint is pretty good! We’re almost certain that this new MTG clothing promotion is the real deal.

Let’s take a look at the first ever reprint of Winged Boots!

Winged Boots

Although this promotion does not seem to have an official announcement behind it yet, it appears that Wizards of the Coast has an upcoming promotion with Stance. Originally appearing on MTG personality Taalia Vess’s Twitter, a new Winged Boots promotional card is pictured with some MTG-themed socks with Stance logos in the background.

Stance is primarily known for their socks, but they also sell underwear and other apparel according to their website. Considering the artwork for the new Winged Boots promotional card is a winged sock, this fits.

Outside of Taalia Vess’s post, a Reddit post from someone claiming to be a Stance employee reportedly confirms this collab to be the real deal.

“I work for StanceEU and can confirm this is legit. There is no real word on availability yet, but I’m really excited about this”


According to Vess, you can find this new promotional reprint “in the box with the socks.” We do not know much else about this promotion at the moment.

While clothing brand name partnerships may seem a bit unusual for Wizards of the Coast, they have been done before, even in recent times. It was recently announced that a Teddy Fresh promotion is coming Magic: the Gathering’s way as well. We don’t know much about this promotion either, but you can find everything that we do know here.

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As far as Winged Boots goes, this MTG card was originally printed in the Adventures of the Forgotten Realms Commander expansion. Available exclusively in the Aura of Courage Commander deck, and in Adventures of the Forgotten Realms Collector Booster packs, Winged Boots functions similarly to Swiftfoot Boots, but has a lot less printings available. Ward 4 is definitely a downgrade from Hexproof, but can still make a creature very difficult to remove. Flying is arguably a lot more valuable than Haste in Commander. Having evasion can help your Commander with attack triggers connect a lot more reliably with Voltron-style Commanders.

According to EDHREC, aside from the Aura of Courage Commander herself, Winged Boots sees the most play alongside Charix, Raging Isle (evasion and Ward 6), Inquisitor Eisenhorn and the Partner Commander pairing of Pako, Arcane Retriever and Haldan, Avid Arcanist.

Winged Boots is, notably, strong enough to see fringe cEDH play if the synergies are strong enough. It most commonly appears to show up alongside the Partner Commander pairing previously mentioned. Winged Boots does not see much play outside of this.

This printing of Winged Boots will, notably, be the first foil one available for players to use. Both the extended art and the traditional variant of this card do not have foil printings. This could make this particular reprint quite a bit more expensive than its current ones.

Because Winged Boots only has one printing so far, the card has a rather exuberant secondary market value – at least for a card with its parameters. The boots generally goes for about $5 in its traditional variant that can be found in the Aura of Courage Commander deck.

The full art Winged Boots, only available in nonfoil, has a secondary market value of about $8.

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Praise from Players

Many MTG players are excited about the prospect of the Winged Boots promotional card. There was a lot of opportunity to pick something a lot less desirable as the promotional reprint, so players are understandably excited about the first time foil Commander printing:

“Good promo choice. It’s a card that doesn’t already have a million printings already. This is the first reprint and the first time the card will be available in foil.

Underrated card by the way. Ward 4 is very strong and functions very similarly to hexproof so giving a creature psuedo hexproof and flying can be very potent.”


“I use it in pako over lightning Greaves. Winged boots is a phenomenal card.”


Stay Tuned!

If you’re interested in snatching this Winged Boots reprint for yourself, and some stylish MTG socks while you’re at it, keep an eye on Stance for any new details. We’ll be sure to do the same.

Winged Boots, while a potentially unexpected reprint, has a lot of potential and an interested audience. Honestly, I’m surprised that this promotion is not available for Christmas, as it would’ve made for a great stocking stuffer (the pun is very much intended) for some on my Christmas list.

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