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Fourteenth Doctor MTG Card Revealed in Secret Lair Teaser!

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If massive MTG bans affecting major competitive formats weren’t enough news for you, even more incredible announcements are hitting the MTG scene today, and these don’t just affect the MTG community, but other Pop culture communities as well!

Today, more info regarding an upcoming MTG Doctor Who Secret Lair has been revealed. We’ve known for some time now that the Fourteenth Doctor would be getting an MTG card as part of the Magic: the Gathering and Doctor Who crossover, and that card has finally been revealed! Here are all the cards revealed in a Doctor Who Secret Lair teaser on IGN!

The Fourteenth Doctor

Via: IGN, Wizards of the Coast

The Fourteenth Doctor grants Commander players the opportunity to play the Doctor Kindred deck that Doctor Who fans would dream of. Inspired by this Doctor taking the face of a previous Doctor in the series, The Fourteenth Doctor has the ability to enter as copies of other Doctors in your graveyard. Adding to this theme is the bizarre four-colored identity of this Doctor.

The Fourteenth Doctor also comes with a way to get those Doctors into the grave. Casting it will grant one opportunity to get Doctor cards into your grave, looking fourteen cards deep to do so. You can then enter the battlefield as a copy of one of the cards milled this way, or otherwise was put into your grave this turn.

The first thing that strikes me with this card’s introduction is trying to make Gallifrey Stands work as a win condition alongside it. Either way, Gallifrey Stands becomes a rather powerful tool alongside The Fourteenth Doctor. Even if not used as a win condition, the Fourteenth Doctor threatens to put a bunch of Doctor cards in your graveyard rather quickly. Gallifrey Stands can retrieve them.

On that note, almost anything that cares about Doctor cards probably has a place in this deck. While a majority of those cards are within the color identity of The Fourteenth Doctor, consider this a reminder that, when utilizing Vislor Torlough as your Doctor’s Companion, you can essentially turn this into a five-colored deck.

You can find a Scryfall search of cards that have the word ‘Doctor’ in their oracle text here.

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The Celestial Toymaker

Via: IGN, Wizards of the Coast

The Celestial Toymaker represents Fact or Fiction Kindred..? What a cool Commander idea!

Players wanting to utilize The Celestial Toymaker want to force opponents to make guesses, or otherwise arrange cards into piles. Notably, cards that specifically force choices on an opponent do not seem to apply here.

The Celestial Toymaker already offers a mini Fact or Fiction upon attack, but further synergies can be unearthed by adding other cards that arrange things into piles. There are a lot of Fact or Fiction-esque effects in Magic. Specifically typing ‘Piles’ into Scryfall while including the Esper color combination reveals 16 different cards to choose from. Here is a list of what is included:

  • Boneyard Parley/
  • Brilliant Ultimatum
  • Death or Glory
  • Do Or Die
  • Epiphany of the Drowned
  • Fact or Fiction
  • Fight or Flight
  • Hostile Negotiations
  • Jace, Architect of Thought
  • Liliana of the Veil
  • Make an Example
  • Phyrexian Portal
  • Sphinx of Clear Skies
  • Sphinx of Uthunn
  • Truth or Tale
  • Unesh, Criosphinx Soverign

Doing the same search on Scryfall for the word ‘guess’ reveals 12 results, but some of these are not legal for Commander play. As such, we will leave that search here for those interested to take a look.

Do keep in mind that these search options will not unearth every card that has some synergy with The Celestial Toymaker. Doubling combat triggers with Roaming Throne, for example, could also be a powerful tool. This does, however, give players interested in Fact or Fiction Kindred a place to start.

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Rose Noble

Via: IGN, Wizards of the Coast

Rose Noble appears as the next Doctor’s Companion for The Fourteenth doctor, and with it comes a fantastic ability to aid your Doctor Kindred strategy. Drawing a card each time a Doctor or Doctor’s Companion enters play can be rather valuable, especially when your entire deck is focused around it. Sadly, we are unsure if we would advise this card for that strategy as your Doctor’s Companion.

While the Ward 2 that this card offers is a powerful line of protection, the ability provided by Rose Noble, at least in our opinion, is underwhelming for four mana. If this card dies once, it will immediately start costing six or more mana, which is incredibly expensive for an already underwhelming exchange mana-value wise.

My prediction is that the best Fourteenth Doctor Commander decks will utilize a different Doctor’s Companion. Needing to cast Doctor and Doctor’s Companion spells just makes Rose Noble that much more clunky.

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This Is Not Everything

Today, three of the new cards arriving in the next Doctor Who Secret Lair were revealed. Interestingly, five new cards will ultimately make an appearance, meaning that there are still two more to go.

This secret Lair is slanted to release December 11, exactly one week from today’s previews. The last two cards included in this Secret Lair will be revealed upon its availability for purchase.

A ton of mechanically unique cards are present within this Secret Lair, and mechanically unique Secret Lairs tend to be worth their weight financially. Hopefully, for supply’s sake, these cards will eventually see a reprint in a core MTG set, but that may not happen for quite some time. If these cards interest you, we would recommend considering the upcoming Doctor Who Secret Lair releasing on December 11.

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