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7, Nov, 23

Major Clothing Brand Teddy Fresh Announces MTG Collaboration!

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Article at a Glance

For better or for worse, MTG crossovers have become a massive part of our beloved game. Every year, there seems to be more and more of an emphasis on crossovers and Universes Beyond products. Of course, premier sets are very much still a big part of the game today. Still, sets like Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth have been incredibly impactful, especially in the context of Constructed formats like Modern and Legacy.

MTG has become an increasingly collaborative game. Wizards of the Coast has already announced that a partnership with the massive Marvel franchise is in the works, designed to be a multi-set endeavor starting in 2025. Sometimes, however, these collaborations don’t directly impact the MTG card pool. For example, recently, IHOP (International House of Pancakes), a chain restaurant, began promoting their business alongside MTG Arena. The idea was that the IHOP rewards program would also feature exclusive MTG Arena content.

In a similar vein, it appears as though a new MTG collaboration is in the works. This crossover will feature none other than Teddy Fresh, a brand of American clothing. Teddy Fresh has become increasingly popular, especially with younger generations. This could be a big deal for MTG players who have been looking for comfortable, on-theme apparel. Before we jump into what this means for MTG, we should first take a look at exactly what Teddy Fresh has to offer.

Teddy Fresh Clothing

Teddy Fresh specifically specializes in streetwear. The clothing is meant to be on the casual side, with a focus on hoodies, t-shirts, sweaters, and jackets. The brand was launched back in 2017 by Hila Klein. The name Teddy Fresh supposedly originated from Hila and her husband’s love of the name Teddy, or Theodore (which is also the name of one of their sons). Hila Klein is married to Ethan Klein, an American Youtuber who hosts the H3 podcast. The H3 podcast, largely on satirical comedy, is one of America’s most successful podcasts.

In a surprise turn of events, Ethan Klein, very early in a nearly three and a half hour-long episode, spoiled the news of an MTG collaboration. Ethan announced that Teddy Fresh was going to be making a booth appearance at Complex Con November 17-18. Complex Con is designed to showcase influential up-and-coming brands in a wide range of industries. Attendees at the festival have the chance to enjoy a weekend-long experience with food, art, music, fashion, and more. Originally, Ethan stated that the collaboration would be announced there, but soon after spilled the beans and let the world know that the collaboration would be with MTG. This should have some nice implications for MTG moving forward, beyond just the cards themselves.

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MTG Collaboration

byu/xGandalfTheRedx from discussion

For people who have followed the H3 podcast, this may not come as a big surprise. After all, there were some indications even three months ago that this could be a thing of the future, such as when the hosts were discussing the purchase of the unique, serialized version of The One Ring by Post Malone. While this collaboration with Teddy Fresh may not sound like much, this is a huge step in the right direction for MTG.

This isn’t the first time MTG has sold clothing. Players could turn to specific places for apparel, such as Coalesce or MTG Pro Shop. However, Teddy Fresh is a massive brand that could potentially take things to a whole new level. Having MTG clothing associated with such a big brand isn’t just good for Wizards of the Coast. It’s also great at helping to streamline MTG and make it as mainstream as possible, making MTG a fashionable topic.

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Player Excitement

There’s a lot to look forward to with this Teddy Fresh MTG crossover, and many players are already super stoked. Part of what has made Teddy Fresh so successful over the years is the brand’s ability to make clothing that appeals to young adults. A big percentage of the active MTG community are in this age group, and being able to go out and promote the unique activity we love has now gotten even easier. Crossovers are clearly becoming more and more immersed in the world of MTG, but this crossover in particular could help address a hole that needs to be filled.

As of right now, though, there’s still very little information available about specific designs and apparel in the making, or when certain items will become available. It’s definitely worth monitoring over time. Additional information will likely be revealed at Complex Con coming up soon, so make sure to keep an eye out.

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