3, Oct, 22

MTG Warhammer Decks Seen Selling Early at Walmart

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Amongst everyone’s excitement regarding this weekend’s upcoming MTG Warhammer Commander decks, it is now clear that these decks are going to be incredibly difficult to find. Allocation issues are driving prices for already premium products into the stratosphere as players suffer more delays and cancellations. For individuals looking to pick up some last-second Commander decks, the best time to start looking for these might be now. Even though it’s four days until these decks are officially released, some lucky players are already finding Warhammer products at their local Walmart.

Warhammer for Sale Early

Redditor Strict_Ad917 posted the picture above to discuss Walmart’s prices for the new MTG Warhammer Commander crossover. The bigger story here, however, is that these products are not supposed to be available for another few days. This was made evident by the comments above discussing the Redditor’s early post. We already know how difficult these Warhammer crossover decks are to find. For the few lucky enough to find these, picking them up may not be a bad idea… as long as you’re willing to pay the price. According to Strict_Ad917, these Warhammer decks are priced at $70 apiece.

Before you take a mad dash to your nearest superstore, be prepared for potential disappointment. These decks aren’t consistently on sale across shelves nationwide. Only a few stores that seem to have made an error currently have these ready to sell. Alongside them, according to our Redditor, you may also be lucky enough to find early Unfinity packs. I, myself, did make a mad dash to my Walmart upon hearing this, only to be disappointed that there were no early goodies for me to purchase.

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This Isn’t as Rare as You Think

As pointed out by various other Reddit comments to the original post, Walmart releasing some products early by mistake is not an incredibly rare event. Target, by extension, also tends to carry some MTG products about a week earlier before release:

“In the week or two before a set release, I always make sure to check the local Walmart and almost every time, I get to buy a few packs early. It was very nice when it came to OG double masters, and the packs all vanished on the real release weekend.” – DadBike

Another common note is that these products are generally stocked on shelves by a third party. As a result, these errors pop up from the third party accidentally ignoring embargo dates from Hasbro.

Is $70 Worth it?

The last note of discussion is the one that started this whole debacle in the first place: the price for the new Warhammer Commander decks. There’s no question that $70 is a pretty high price for a single preconstructed Commander deck. However, because of the aforementioned allocation issues, some players will be willing to pay this price.

That said, players are shocked and upset over this $20 price raise. The general consensus here, however, is that these products are skyrocketing in price strictly due to allocation. Redditor InchZer0 talks more about the recent price patterns with this Warhammer product:

“All of the sudden, amazon is listing these for $80-$100, compared to the $50-$60 they were a few days ago. These selling for $70 sounds in line. This sucks, since I was interested in Necron Dynasties as a non-Warhammer player since it looked so cool.

At the very least, Older precons are dropping in price. Innistrad Zombies is currently $33, Humans and Spirits are going for around $25, and the Capenna decks are hovering around $30 – $40 (ignoring Obscura Operation). HOPEFULLY, this tells us that these decks will be cheaper in a few months to a year.”

For those willing to brave this period of allocation, these crazy price hikes are likely to be avoidable. Should you be lucky enough to find one of these before release day, however, the markup seen here is likely in line with what we are going to see until another printing is announced from Wizards of the Coast. How long could this take? Let’s look at Jumpstart, another product heavily affected by allocation errors.

The Story of Jumpstart

Much like what is happening to the MTG Warhammer Collector’s Edition product, Jumpstart also saw a considerable price spike due to allocation. As seen on this pricing chart from mtggoldfish.com, Jumpstart initially went for three times its current asking price. For the first few months of Jumpstart’s release, it commonly went for as much as $315! That said, we can see a quick decline in price as print runs start to catch up to the product’s demand. By the time October comes around, Jumpstart’s price has dipped below $100.

allosaurus shepherd
Allosaurus Shepherd’s sales chart from TCGplayer

This set’s value has varied as the years have gone by, particularly affected by various reprintings of valuable cards in the set. Double Masters 2022, in particular, reprinted some extremely valuable Jumpstart cards. Emiel, the Blessed, and Allosaurus Shepherd saw their first reprints, tanking their price.

Let this stand as an example of what supply issues do to an MTG product. If you want the product soon, expect to pay a premium. If you’re willing to wait, you’ll get an opportunity to pay a lower price. That said, don’t wait too long. MTG product tends to get more expensive after their print run ends. Some older products, like the original Legends, or something more recent like Kaladesh, are great examples of this.

Will You Take a Look?

The first step to making this decision is to be lucky enough to have your local Walmart be one of the Walmart stores where embargo dates were accidentally ignored. Past that point, your decision to pay the premium for these Commander decks stands. $70 for these during this period is an incredibly fair price. Once the supply is fixed, these decks will likely sell for less, as discussed. Should you be lucky enough to find some of these early, squeeze some games in with your pod so they can be jealous of your discovery!

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