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4, Aug, 21

MTG Teases a Sneak Preview of Innistrad: Midnight Hunt on Stream

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Today, the Magic the Gathering Twitter account tweeted that they’ll be giving fans a sneak peak at the next Magic set Innistrad: Midnight Hunt over on their Twitch during Weekly MTG!

We don’t have very much information about the set, other than the Werewolf theme will be the focal point of the set, some pack art and a potential early spoiled Mythic Rare that was found in Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Commander Product. Be sure to tune in, and we’ll be covering the news from the stream as well!

Innistrad: Midnight Hunt is an upcoming Magic: the Gathering standard-legal set. This is the 3rd time going back to Innistrad, and this set focuses on werewolves. It releases in Tabletop on September 24th, and release on Magic Arena and Magic Online on Sept. 17th alongside the Standard rotation. Be sure to check back for our Preview Gallery and all Innistrad: Midnight Hunt news and updates.

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