A Tale for the Ages | Wilds of Eldraine
21, Aug, 23

MTG Spoilers Reveal Miraculous Misprints and Suspect Staples

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Article at a Glance

For better or worse, over the weekend, the non-stop slew of Wilds of Eldraine MTG spoilers slowed down somewhat. With only a few cards being previewed each day, this finally allowed MTG players to take account of the spoilers we’ve seen. In doing this, some MTG players noticed a rather unusual oddity; Wilds of Eldraine already has a reprint. 

Alongside this baffling inclusion, some of the newly spoiled MTG cards are well worth paying attention to. So, in this article, we’ll be doing exactly that! To spice things up even further, we’ll also be highlighting a few leaked, yet still unspoiled, cards at the end of this article. If you want to enjoy spoiler season at Wizards’ pace, you’re more than welcome to skip these. We just think they’re neat!

Wilds of Eldraine’s Day 0 Reprint

Sweettooth Witch | Wilds of Eldraine

By all accounts, Sweettooth Witch is not a very exciting MTG card. After all, they’re basically just a mediocre Food Token generator, which allows them to deal damage. In a Food-based MTG deck, this could be the final finishing touch that allows you to clinch victory. Within most decks, however, this card is pretty meh, as their ability still costs 2 mana.

Thanks to their rather lackluster, albeit expected, power as a common card, you could easily overlook Sweettooth Witch. It seemed many players did exactly that, in fact, as the spoiler came and went with practically no one caring. Since then, however, in the time of slow spoiler reflection, u/Garlic_Coin has noticed something unusual. Sweettooth Witch is Wilds of Eldraine’s earliest misprint.

First shown off during the Debut Stream for Wilds of Eldraine, Sweettooth Witch was revealed as a 1/3. Considering they were a common card, this didn’t seem out of the ordinary at all, however, Wizards apparently made a mistake. Now, when looking at the new and improved Card Image Gallery, Sweettooth Witch is a 3/2

Considering it was Wizards who first revealed Sweettooth Witch, this is obviously a pretty strange occurrence. Miraculously, however, it’s not the only time this has happened. Looking back to March of the Machine, players were shocked to find that official tokens were missing mechanics. The set’s Dinosaur Token, for instance, didn’t have the Trample mechanic that Ghalta and Mavren create.

Previously seen with Unfinity as well, these pre-production misprints are surprisingly common at this point. The reason for them, however, officially remains a mystery. Unofficially, however, it’s likely this change is due to a late production balancing tweak. 

Shiny New Spoilers

A Tale for the Ages | Solitary Sanctuary |Wilds of Eldraine

Thankfully, over the weekend, players weren’t just left looking back at past cards. Instead, there were a few new MTG spoilers to keep things interesting and potentially spice up new formats. Many of these weekend spoilers followed a surprisingly rat-centric theme, however, there were a few other notable reveals. 

As seen above, A Tale for the Ages is a new spoiler with a lot of potential. This is definitely the case in Wilds of Eldraine Limited. Thanks to all the Role Tokens going around, A Tale for the Ages could prove to be a major threat. Should there be enough powerful Role Token cards, we could potentially even see this archetype make a dent in Standard. 

Technically, there is already a fairly potent Selesnya Enchantments deck in Standard right now. Unfortunately for A Tale of the Ages enjoyers, however, this new card won’t have a place in that deck. This is thanks to it using Enchantment Creatures, rather than Aura’s which can actually enchant. Despite this drawback, A Tale of the Ages should still be a great addition to Enchantment Typal Commander decks. 

Alongside A Tale for the Ages, the other notable new spoiler from this weekend is Solitary Sanctuary. At a minimum, this card should once again be rather deadly in Limited due to the Blue/White tapping theme. Thanks to it being an uncommon, you might actually be able to draft around it as well! Beyond this, Solitary Sanctuary should also be rather effective in Commander. 

Whether you’re going full Stax, or just building a tapping-themed deck, Solitary Sanctuary is now a great inclusion. After all, it allows you to buff your board while stalling out your opponents. Paired with Rhoda, Geist Avenger and Timin, Youthful Geist, Solitary Sanctuary could do big things.

Leaks! Like Spoilers but Sooner! 

Sentinel of Lost Lore | Food Fight | Wilds of Eldraine Leak

First seen before spoilers even started, Wilds of Eldraine leaks are nothing new to MTG players. Despite this, however, they do still contain new information, as not every card in the set has been revealed.

For MTG players who can’t wait around for official reveals, the leaks can thankfully provide some early enjoyment. This is especially the case for Sentinel of Lost Lore. Synergizing heavily with Adventures, Sentinel of Lost Lore can double up on your own Adventures while nullifying your opponents. 

Should you only be able to choose one of these abilities, Sentinel of Lost Lore would still be useful as a 3/4. Since you can choose one or more abilities, however, this card threatens to be an adventure-based bomb. Currently, this bomb may only have a home in Limited, since this format will have Adventures aplenty. Outside of that, we’ll have to wait and see if Adventures become a Standard staple. 

While the Adventure cards we’ve seen certainly look fun, they’re no competition to the fun of Food Fight. Aptly letting you fight with Food Tokens, Food Fight lets you sacrifice any Artifact you control for 2 mana. Initially, this deals just one damage, however, the damage scales with the number of Food Fights you control. 

Immediately upon seeing this card, it seems full of chaotic possibilities. After all, playing some cheerios, getting four copies into play, and then a few Copy Enchantments more is a recipe for a good time. Unfortunately, however, there’s not really a format where this strategy would work. Despite this, however, we’re nonetheless entranced by this completely casual combo. 

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