7, Apr, 21

MTG Senior Designer Discusses Legends in Commander 2021

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Gavin Verhey discusses the design of Commander 2021.
Article at a Glance

On today’s episode of Good Morning Magic, Gavin Verhey discusses the Legends featured in previous Commander products and how Wizards of the Coast look to approach this in the future. Often you’ll see a handful of face Legendary Creatures within a Commander pre-constructed deck to allow versatile options in playing the format.

There’s been plenty of feedback from the community and players in how they want to see Commander pre-constructed decks produced going forward, and Wizards of the Coast have responded with their latest offering in Commander (2021 Edition).

If you haven’t caught up on the Commander (2021 Edition) previews yet, you can do so with our dedicated spoiler gallery.

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How to Approach Legends in Commander (2021 Edition)?

As Verhey explains in the video above, in every Commander pre-constructed product you’ll have the headline Legendary Creature, then you’ll have two more available within the 99 in the same color pairing with the third option likely being a reprint.

What usually happens if you have a third face Legendary Creature of the same color pairing within your pre-constructed deck, is that it would see little-to-no play since you already have one (or two) deck within those colors. Even then, it would function similarly so there was no point playing the third face Legendary Creature as the Commander

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Instead of adding another face Legendary Creature of the same color pairing within a Commander pre-constructed deck, now you have two mono-colored options allowing you to build two completely different decks with a fun limitation.

Granted, this is something new for Commander (2021 Edition) and it will be interesting to see how players take to this new approach. In concept, it makes a lot of sense as it offers mileage out of your purchases, and who doesn’t love that?

Commander (2021 Edition) releases alongside Strixhaven: School of Mages on April 23 with no scheduled release for Magic Online or Magic Arena in the pipeline.

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