16, Dec, 21

MTG Reveals New Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Teaser Video

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Article at a Glance

As we near the very first preview stream for Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty, the hype around the set is building to an all time high. Starting with the WPN Promo Poster, to the Bundle Box Art, and most recently an official Instagram picture from Wizards of the Coast showing some more characters in the set, excitement is building across all of social media. Just to drive the point home, WotC dropped the Official Teaser Trailer hours ahead of the stream today.

Wizards of the Coast

We’re greeted in the video with some very 80’s vibes visuals and synthwave style music. A character sits at a temple in front of a bonzai tree. The tree digitizes, and a cherry blossom flies off into the figure’s hand. A transformation happens, and the mask of the character is revealed. The shot pans out to see a view of the present day Kamigawa, and we get a clear shot of The Wanderer.

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The Hooded Figure

Who is that hooded figure at the beginning you might ask? Well according to Wizards, this is our newest planeswalker, Kaito!

Wizards of the Coast

There is a whole story detailing Kaito’s origins that you should definitely check out. We even were treated to the full image from the artist, Yongjae Choi as well!

Yongjae Choi

This leaves us incredibly excited for what’s to come in today’s stream and in the preview season! Definitely stay tuned as we’re going to be covering everything that happens in today’s stream, as well as any cards that are previewed! Make sure to check out our hub to stay up to date with all the info about the set!

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