10, Mar, 24

MTG Players Show Off Fallout Printing Errors!

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MTG Fallout cards officially released on March 8, 2024. As such, players that pre-ordered Commander decks or collector boosters were finally able to open their products as early as yesterday. MTG Fallout is a cool set with lots of flavorful designs, so it’s no surprise that this set came with a lot of hype.

As players have begun opening products, though, there have been a decent number of issues that have arisen. From basic misprints to faulty packaging of incorrect Commander decks, players have been quick to notice errors with their cards and products.

Of note, it’s not clear that all of these issues are widespread. Additionally, some of these problems aren’t entirely unique to just MTG Fallout, especially with regards to misprints. Still, they are worth pointing out in case there are recurring errors.

Lack of Holofoil Stamps

The first issue that players have run into that’s worth highlighting has to do with the holofoil stamps, or lack thereof, on a handful of surge foils. These holofoil stamps appear on rares, mythic rares, and promo cards. They first appeared with the release of Magic 2015. Featuring a silver oval shape, these stamps help confirm authenticity, and as such, can make it more difficult for people to create and sell fake versions.

As shown above, these holofoil stamps have taken on different shapes and colors based on the designs of their respective cards. For instance, Universes Beyond cards specifically feature triangular holofoil stamps. For MTG Fallout surge foils, though, some players have noticed that their stamps are missing entirely.

Based on the images provided, it appears as though the outline where the stamp should be is still there, but the stamp itself is nowhere to be found. This doesn’t appear to be the only case where stamps are not placed correctly on surge foils, either.

Facebook MTGRarities: Major Misprings, Test Prints, Oddities

In a Facebook group centered around misprints, miscuts, and other oddities associated with MTG cards, someone posted an image of a foil copy of Ravages of War with the stamp completely out of position. Of note, this Facebook group above is private, so you may not be able to see the post using the link presented in the image caption above if you have not joined the group.

That said, if misprints are of interest to you, we would recommend joining the MTGRarities: Major Misprints, Test Prints, Oddities group as there are constant misprints being shared and sold here.

Interestingly, these holofoil stamp issues associated with Universes Beyond cards have affected cards from outside of just the MTG Fallout set. The same problem of the stamps being missing happened to players with normal rares from the Lord of the Rings set as well as the Warhammer set. All things considered, this isn’t a huge deal. In fact, collectors will sometimes go out of their way to purchase uniquely misprinted cards. However, if you have concerns about being able to sell some of these cards without the holofoil stamps, you may be able to get a replacement product by contacting Wizards of the Coast.

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Preston Garvey, Minuteman

As far as traditional misprints are concerned, the misplaced or absent holofoil stamps aren’t the only example that players have noted. Another player who happened to open a foil Ravages of War from MTG Fallout had no issue with the holofoil stamp.

Facebook MTGRarities: Major Misprings, Test Prints, Oddities

Instead, their copy of Ravages of War showcases a spec of something that appears to have been foiled over. This is more than a mere mistake with the card’s printing.

Someone also pointed out that many of their cards from the Scrappy Survivors Commander deck were slightly miscut. This problem isn’t too big but speaks to the general quality control available for more modern-day cards.

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Mismatching Commander Deck and Box

Perhaps the biggest issue that players and local game store workers ran into was that the deck labeled on the deck box and the deck inside did not match. As you can see from the image above, the main Commander for the Scrappy Survivors deck is supposed to be Dogmeat, Ever Loyal. Unfortunately, one worker noticed that multiple of the Commander decks they received labeled “Scrappy Survivors” showed an image of Dr. Madison Li in the card window.

For reference, Dr. Madison Li is the primary Commander for the Science! deck. While not confirmed, this signifies that the Science! Commander deck was likely improperly packaged. Supposedly, this exact scenario occurred at another local game store, too.

Clearly, mistakes are bound to happen with any product. Still, the number of problems players have run into with MTG Fallout only a day after its official release is rather staggering. It’s certainly worth monitoring if more people voice frustrations with similar errors. Hopefully these problems lessen with the release of future sets.

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