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MTG Player Reports Issue With Buying Booster Boxes From Amazon

Caution for players buying MTG products from Amazon.
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When buying MTG products from online retailers, often there are no issues and you’ve grabbed yourself a steal. However, in some cases, it may not always end up that way.

Sometimes it’s worth knowing to keep an eye out for when buying MTG products and cards. One Reddit user has done this but through an unfortunate experience of their own.

Reddit User Reports Issue with MTG Boxes from Amazon

As reported by u/ebisquid on Reddit, the user ordered six Draft Booster boxes of Time Spiral Remastered on Amazon to draft with friends. When opening up the product, u/ebisquid discovered the booster packs were resealed by a previous owner.

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The video shared by u/ebisquid shows you that these booster packs were resealed, and even opened a sealed box to prove the point further. What seems to have happened is the previous owner purchased the boxes, took the cards and then resealed the box. Once sealed, the previous owner returned the items for a refund from Amazon. Since the booster boxes were resealed with what seems the official Wizards of the Coast (WotC) wrapping, Amazon was none the wiser to the tampering.

This isn’t the first time we have seen this kind of behaviour from consumers. Retailers such as Target and Walmart have begun locking Magic: the Gathering, Pokemon, and Yu-Gi-Oh! product in cabinets to offset poor behaviour from customers. While it doesn’t always stop the tampering, retailers are starting to ensure measures this behaviour can be reduced at all costs.

With that, it’s presented questions on how WotC ensure these products are legitimate for consumers. Perhaps something more than wrapping with the company logo needs to be done. As of now, it seems easy enough to replicate which will only damage consumer confidence further. Either way, good on u/ebisquid for bringing this mishap to light.

Overall, it’s good to be cautious about what you buy and how to look for anything suspiscious. It’s okay to buy products online to save some cash, but be sensible.

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