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19, Nov, 23

These Insanely Rare MTG Humans are Incredibly Expensive!

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Article at a Glance

Throughout MTG’s history, there have been a ton of different unique Creature types showcased for players to build decks around. Some Creature types are more abundant than others, and to this day, there are still new Creature types emerging. Just recently, the world of MTG introduced the first Capybara Creature into the mix. A few Creature types, such as Rigger, have only appeared on a select few MTG cards.

Of course, there are also some Creature types that are featured on hundreds or even thousands of different cards. For instance, Soldiers and Wizards have been MTG staples for many years. No Creature type, however, comes close in this regard to Humans. Humans are by far the most populous of the Creature types, and the number of Humans in MTG continues to rise quickly as new sets get released.

Given the sheer volume of Humans that have been printed over the years, some are bound to be quite expensive. What’s interesting, though, is that a large percentage of the most expensive Humans all have one thing in common: they are on the Reserved List. Sets like Legends and Arabian Nights that originated almost 30 years ago are home to a handful of Human Creatures that, by showing up on the Reserved List, have never been reprinted.

Today, we are going to take a look at the most expensive Humans in MTG. Each of these cards is worth a large sum of money, whether they see extensive play in various formats or not. Notably, we will be using TCGplayer market price when determining the order of these rankings. Without further ado, here are the top five MTG most expensive Human cards!

#5 Argivian Archaeologist- $193

Argivian Archaeologist

Earning the fifth spot on this list, we have Argivian Archaeologist. This card is a rare from Antiquities, and as stated, is on the Reserved List. Despite “Summon Archaeologist” being written on the card, Argivian Archaeologist is actually a Human Artificer.

The reality is, Argivian Archaeologist is a somewhat mediocre card. Allowing you to return Artifacts from your graveyard to your hand for two mana is a fine ability, but adding on the three-mana investment needed to cast it plus the fact that it is a 1/1 affected by Summoning Sickness means the card essentially doesn’t show up in any competitive setting.

Still, the card boasts a $193 price tag. This showcases just how incredibly valuable all of the Humans on this list truly are.

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#4 Hazezon Tamar- $210

Hazezon Tamar

Next up, we have Hazezon Tamar, from Legends. Hazezon Tamar is another rare Human, except in this case, the card is actually a rather intriguing Commander card. When you cast Hazezon Tamar, assuming you use only Lands to cast it, you will end up with at least seven 1/1 Sand Warrior tokens in play. On rate, this is actually pretty decent in Commander, especially if you have ways to buff your token squad or generate extra tokens. Cards like Coat of Arms and Parallel Lives are great inclusions in a Hazezon Tamar deck, for instance.

The downside, however, is that these tokens get exiled if Hazezon Tamar leaves play. As expected, though, there are a few ways to get around this. For example, Clever Concealment can Phase Out your Sand Warrior Squad if Hazezon Tamar would be removed, keeping them on the battlefield for future turns. Now, with Hazezon Tamar back in the Command Zone, your tokens are safe.

Since the beginning of November, Hazezon Tamar has actually dropped over $20 in price according to TCGplayer market price history. Yet, the card is still worth $210, once again showcasing the power of the Reserved List.

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#3 Gwendlyn Di Corci- $254

Gwendlyn Di Corci

Gwendlyn Di Corci is another example of an old Legends card that actually makes a reasonable Commander option. In this case, it’s pretty easy to see the types of cards that work well with Gwendlyn. Cards like Waste Not and Geth’s Grimoire make Gwendlyn’s activated ability significantly more powerful.

While Tinybones, Trinket Thief or Tergrid, God of Fright are likely better Commanders for a deck with a discard theme, Gwendlyn allows you to stay in a Grixis color combination. This opens the door for the inclusion of “Wheel” effects, such as Wheel of Fortune and Windfall.

Gwendlyn may be worth $254, but once again, the card has actually dropped pretty significantly in price over the last month. The card sat around $357 roughly one month ago, which is over a $100 difference from today. It’s unclear if this trend will continue in any meaningful way, but it is certainly worth noting.

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#2 Angus Mackenzie- $258

Angus Mackenzie

Next up, we have Angus Mackenzie. Angus Mackenzie is an interesting Bant legend, essentially allowing you to Fog at least once every turn cycle. In Commander, pairing this ability with ways to untap Angus Mackenzie and your mana, such as Seedborn Muse, can virtually lock Creature decks out of the game until Angus Mackenzie is removed. Add in some protection for your Commander, like Lightning Greeves, and you’re in business.

Angus Mackenzie, in similar fashion, has dropped nearly $100 over the last month. While the price has been falling a little over time throughout the last year, once again, the most significant drop-off occurred very recently.

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#1 Ali from Cairo- $389

Ali from Cairo

Finally, at the top of this list is Ali from Cairo. This card breaks our streak of Legends cards, as Ali from Cairo appeared in Arabian Nights. The effect on Ali from Cairo can be powerful, theoretically helping you stay alive for as long as Ali stays alive. The problem is that, as a four-mana 0/1, Ali is incredibly easy to remove when necessary. Further, Ali only prevents you from losing via damage, so life loss or other win conditions like Thassa’s Oracle are still on the table.

In this sense, Ali from Cairo is not a great card, even in a Commander setting. However, it still boasts the largest price tag of any Human in MTG by a pretty wide margin. Sitting at roughly $389, there’s a difference of over $125 between the top spot and the 2nd spot on this list. Furthermore, unlike the other cards on the list, Ali from Cairo has seemingly increased in value over the last month, from nearly $354 on October 12 to $389 now. Either way, though, all of these cards showcase just how influential the Reserved List can be on the price of MTG cards.

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