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Top 6 Most Valuable MTG Preconstructed Commander Decks!

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Article at a Glance

Currently, Wizards of the Coast adapts a sort of ‘buffet’ strategy when creating their products. Magic has a lot of different players that like to engage with the game in unique ways. Some like to play Limited, some play constructed, others play Commander.

The Commander preconstructed decks, in particular, are very exciting for Commander players. Each deck offers a unique experience right out of the box and, thanks to mechanically unique cards commonly getting introduced through these products, they can be quite valuable!

Here, we’ll be listing out the most valuable Commander Pre-con decks on the secondary market. Notably, this is not the same as the most expensive ones. We’re interested in the current secondary market value of each individual card in the deck, not the price of the deck itself. Heavenly Inferno, one of the first EDH pre-con decks, for example, costs $300 or more, but only contains $70 of secondary market value.

Before we jump into things, I feel its important to state that we will not be including Commander’s arsenals in this review. These aren’t really Commander decks and, as such, we’ve decided not to include them.

We also won’t be including Brawl decks because, well, they’re not Commander pre-cons.

Prices will be derived from MTGgoldfish.com using the cheapest reprints of each card in the deck. This means that decks that have special variants of MTG cards, the Secret Lair EDH pre-cons in particular, may have more value than what this article suggests.

Additionally, we will not be including the Collector Decklists from the Warhammer 40,000 Commander expansion. The normal variants of these decks, while not making the list, did count.

Finally, we will not be including The Lost Caverns of Ixalan Commander decks in this list. Secondary market prices for the unique reprints from this deck are still disproportionately high, giving them, in my opinion, an inaccurate secondary market price. That said, they will still be included in our price roundup at the end.

Here are the most valuable EDH pre-cons on the secondary market right now!

#6 Hosts of Mordor (Lord of the Rings)

Hosts of Mordor has survived its brief test of time on the secondary market, maintaining a value of $119 for its reprints.

All of the Lord of the Rings Commander decks remain a decent deal, promising reprint value north of $100. While this may not seem too impressive considering how recent they are, consider that only one of the Commander Masters decks retained a value of over $100, and that only one of the Doctor Who decks has a value at $100.

Hosts of Mordor, in particular, is the strongest Commander deck out-of-box for The Lord of the Rings and is, arguably, the strongest Commander preconstructed deck out-of-box of all time. Only Necron Dynasties seems to compete for this slot, and that Commander deck’s reprint value did not place it on this list.

In terms of cards to watch out for, The Hosts of Mordor deck doesn’t have any incredibly expensive ones. The biggest standout is a reprint of Reanimate, worth about $15. Otherwise, Cavern-Hoard Dragon, a card unique to this deck, has a decent secondary market value of $10. The Black Gate also has a notable secondary market value of about $8.

Otherwise, Hosts of Mordor has a ton of cards worth just a few dollars, but all of those add up. Considering that this deck’s performance is so powerful, I would personally recommend it to anyone that wants to play a deck right out of the box.

Currently, Hosts of Mordor costs between $75 and $100 on TCGplayer. Sales range heavily.

If you want to read more about Hosts of Mordor, take a look at our review!

#5 Eldrazi Unbound (Commander Masters)

Considering how much players were charged for the Commander Masters decks, one appearing on this list is not too surprising. The price points for these decks in comparison to their reprint value was a heavily controversial topic in the MTG community.

Perhaps shocking, however, is that, after a few months have passed, Eldrazi Unbound is the only Commander deck whose secondary market reprint value has aged well. All of the other Commander Masters decks are now south of $100. If anything, this may suggest that players should stay away from the other Commander Masters decks unless they can get them for a cheap price.

Most of this deck’s secondary market value comes from the exclusive cards that the deck has to offer. Rise of the Eldrazi, Zhudolok, Void Gorger and Darksteel Monolith all have notable secondary market values. Otherwise, It that Betrays, All is Dust, and Kozilek, the Great Distortion are other noteworthy reprints in this deck.

One bizarre aspect about this deck is that the Basic Lands are worth something. Wastes do not get printed often, and therefore are, according to MTGgoldfish, worth about $15 overall. All of this puts the deck’s reprint value at about $121. The current asking price for the deck appears to be just over $100.

If you want to read more about Eldrazi Unbound, look at our review!

#4 Stalwart Unity (Commander 2016)

Commander 2016 introduced the Partner mechanic. This is, arguably, the strongest mechanic that Commander has even seen, which has earned Commander 2016 a few spots on this list.

Stalwart Unity is a four-colored deck that has a bit of a group hug theme. Kynaios and Tiro of Meletis represents the strategy well, offering benefits to everyone at the table. It also happens to be the most expensive card in the deck.

There aren’t many cards in Stalwart Unity that have massive secondary market value, but there are a lot of cards in the realm of $3-4 in this deck. That said, Kraum, Ludevic’s Opus, Swan Song, Benefactor’s Draught, the Commander itself, and Lurking Predators are worth a bit more than the rest.

Overall, Stalwart Unity’s secondary market value works out to be about $124. Prices for the deck range heavily, but float between $90 and $130.

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#3 Open Hostility (Commander 2016)

Stalwart Unity and Open Hostility come from the same expansion of Commander decks. Like the other deck, Open Hostility has a lot of cards that float around the $3-5 range. Unlike Stalwart Unity, Open Hostilities does have a clear frontrunner for reprint value: Tymna, the Weaver.

Tymna, the Weaver is, potentially, one of the best Commanders period, but this is, in large part, due to her Partner ability. Commonly seen with Thrasios, Triton Hero, these two Commanders create a powerful four-colored engine that generates value in a variety of different shells. This means that Thrasios and Tymna are one of the best Commander combinations for simply jamming all of the best cards in those four colors into one deck.

Tymna has a secondary market price of about $24.50. Otherwise, Iroas, God of Victory[tooltips] retails for about $13 and [tooltips]Breath of Fury is about $9. This, combined with multiple $3-5 reprints we did not mention here, give this deck a secondary market value of $127. Open Hostility, however, appears not to be worth the asking prices on the secondary market.

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#2 Draconic Domination (Commander 2017)

The Ur-Dragon

Draconic Domination would have a lot more secondary market value if its Commander weren’t just reprinted in Commander Masters. The Ur-Dragon, for a long time, was a $50 card. It is still the most expensive card in this deck, costing about $20, but there are a few other $10+ reprints available in the deck.

Scalelord Reckoner demands a hefty secondary market price of $17. This offers some pretty powerful Ward-esque protection for your Dragons, destroying a nonland permanent of your choice under the control of the opponent who decides to target them.

Otherwise, Utvara Hellkite at $11 can put a ton of power on the board in Dragon Typal strategies. The Hellkite triggers on each Dragon that attacks, meaning that, as the Hellkite starts to create Dragons, the amount that it can create each combat can scale out of control.

Otherwise, like the other decks on this list, Draconic Domination hosts a range of reprints that, while under $10, are still quite valuable. Reprints of this nature include Scion of the Ur-Dragon, Lightning Greaves, Kindred Discovery, Elemental Bond, Dragon Tempest and more.

Overall the Draconic Destruction’s secondary market value is about $131. With asking prices of about $331, you’re much better off building this deck by buying the Singles.

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#1 Vampiric Bloodlust (Commander 2017)

The 2017 Commander decks have, historically, been known to be both infamously powerful and expensive. Introducing the Eminence mechanic, these Commanders are capable of impacting the battlefield from the Command Zone.

Vampiric Bloodlust, in terms of secondary market value for singles, is definitely a cut above the rest. Edgar Markov, the deck’s Commander, is worth a pretty penny. It is, by far, the best Vampire Commander in all of Magic. Considering that Vampires are the fourth most popular type according to EDHREC, and that Edgar has not had an accessible reprint since 2017, it’s no surprise that Edgar Markov is worth $100 alone.

This, combined with some other notable cards like Teferi’s Protection, Skullclamp, Door of Destinies, Captivating Vampire and more, bring the deck’s secondary market value to $209. Prices for this deck are all over the place but, for the most part, the $300 asking price is simply not worthwhile.

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#0 Secret Lair Commander Preconstructed Decks

The MTG Secret Lair series released three different preconstructed decklists, and they are the most valuable preconstructed Commander decks on the secondary market, by far. They also happen to be very expensive to purchase.

Since the three decklists released by Secret Lair would take up the top three slots on this list otherwise, we decided to group them all into one slot.

According to MTGgoldfish, these premium Commander decklists all have a secondary market value of over $210! Of the three, the recent Angels deck is worth the most, retailing at a spicy $248 in singles! These prices may not even reflect the unique artworks found in these decks, which could raise the price even further.

With great value, however, does come a higher price tag. This puts these particular Commander decks in a different realm than the others, hence taking the #0 spot in our list.

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Secondary Market Values for Each Commander Pre-Con Deck (November 16)

In order to write this article accurately, I needed to ascertain the secondary market value of each Commander deck. These numbers aren’t going to be entirely accurate, but they are the numbers from mtggoldfish that this list is based off. If you’re curious what your particular pre-con is worth, here are all the pre-cons that qualified for this list, and what their approximate secondary market value is (for all the singles included) as of the date above:

Heavenly Inferno: $70

Mirror Mastery: $68

Counterpunch: $64

Political Puppets: $67

Devour for Power: $70

Eternal Bargain: $60

Evasive Maneuvers $58

Mind Seize $48

Nature of the Beast $48

Power Hungry $59

Built from Scratch $81

Forged in Stone $89

Guided by Nature $84

Peer Through Time $81

Sworn to Darkness $81

Call the Spirits $82

Seize Control $54

Plunder the Graves $79

Wade into Battle $68

Swell the Host $56

Entropic Uprising $108

Open Hostility $127

Stalwart Unity $124

Breed Lethality $81

Invent Superiority $74

Draconic Domination $131

Feline Ferocity $96

Vampiric Bloodlust $209

Arcane Wizardry $46

Exquisite Invention $50

Subjective Reality $37

Nature’s Vengeance $43

Adaptive Enchantment $65

Faceless Menace $61

Mystic Intellect $98

Primal Genesis $68

Merciless Rage $48

Symbiotic Swarm $40

Enhanced Evolution $61

Timeless Wisdom $65

Arcane Maelstrom $64

Ruthless Regiment $56

Land’s Wrath $31

Sneak Attack $36

Reap the Tide: $59

Arm for Battle $45

Phantom Premonition $35

Elven Empire $40

Quantum Quandrix $81

Prismari Performance $77

Lorehold Legacies $71

Witherbloom Witchcraft $88

Silverquill Statement $67

Planar Portal $65

Aura of Courage $75

Dungeons of Death $57

Draconic Rage $92

Coven Counters $34

Undead Unleashed $47

Spirit Squadron $36

Vampiric Bloodline $44

Heads, I win! Tails, You Lose! $210

Upgrades Unleashed $41

Buckle Up $46

Cabaretti Cacophany $58

Obscura Operation $53

Riveteer Rampage $56

Maestros Massacre $50

Bedecked Brokers $54

Party Time $80

Exit From Exile $87

Draconic Dissent $51

Mind Flayarrrs $59

Painbow $48

Legends’ Legacy $68

Forces of the Imperium $91

Necron Dynasties $87

The Ruinous Powers $98

Tyranid Swarm $89

First Flight $28

Grave Danger $26

Chaos Incarnate $43

Draconic Destruction $41

Token Triumph $25

Urza’s Iron Alliance $61

Mishra’s Burnished Banner $66

Rebellion Rising $52

Corrupting Influence $58

Call for Backup $46

Cavalry Charge $48

Growing Threat $46

Divine Convocation $42

Tinker Time $42

Cute to Brute $234

Hosts of Mordor $119

Riders of Rohan $101

Food and Fellowship $103

Elven Council $102

Eldrazi Unbound $121

Enduring Enchantments $85

Planeswalker Party $70

Sliver Swarm $85

Virtue and Valor $47

Fae Dominion $54

Blast From the Past $74

Masters of Evil $82

Paradox Power $62

Timey-Wimey $102

Secret Lair Angels $248

Ahoy Mateys $96

Blood Rites $102

Explorers of the Deep $113

Veloci-Ramp-Tor $103

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