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MTG Lead Designer is Taking Requests for Future Universes Beyond Sets

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The Universes Beyond set of products from Magic: the Gathering have been a new but successful direction for the game. We’ve seen some cool crossovers in the past couple months, from Stranger Things to Arcane, and there’s more for sure on the horizon. Considering how far and wide we’ve seen these crossovers reach, it’s pretty safe to say that anything could make an appearance in Universes Beyond.

In one of his blog posts today, Mark Rosewater answered a question from a reader that has some pretty cool implications for the future of Universes Beyond.

Frozentoday Asked:

Are we allowed to request franchises for Universe Beyond?

MaRo Says:

You are. What would you like to see?

Mark Rosewater

That’s right! It looks like the team is taking feedback on worlds that players would like to see make it into future Universes Beyond! Here’s a few that we’d love to see.


Jkam19 on Reddit

Yesterday, we covered some really cool Pokemon x MTG tokens that were fan made by someone on Reddit. I think that the world of Pokemon is so large, and there’s so many fans of the franchise that it could be a really awesome crossover. I think that it’d be cool to have these be “mechanically” unique, and maybe come in the form of Commander products.

Steven King’s Villains

Steven King is a world renowned author, penning some of the most beloved horror stories with some spectacular villains. From Pennywise to the Crimson King, there’s a wealth of material to draw from. We’ve seen Wizards tap into Dracula, so we know that they’re down for the dark and gruesome.

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Avatar: the Last Airbender and the Legend of Zelda

Two of the franchises that I saw the most of in the comments of MaRo’s blog post was Avatar: the Last Airbender and The Legend of Zelda. Both of these I’d love to see as well. Both of these franchises have pretty expansive worlds, plenty of material to draw from, and are huge pop culture IPs with massive fan bases.

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What franchises would you want to see added to the Universes Beyond? Let us know in the comments, and head over to MaRo’s post and let him know as well!

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