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Wizards of the Coast to Reveal What's Next for MTG Arena

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In a tweet this afternoon, Wizards of the Coast announced an announcement! This announcement is for a stream happening tomorrow (December 2nd 2021) over on the Magic Twitch channel about what the development team has been brewing for Magic Arena!

Wizards of the Coast

With Magic Arena news being fairly scarce in the past few months outside of set releases, there’s a lot of things that the team could have been working on! With the upcoming Innistrad Championships this coming weekend, as well as the First Draft Arena Open also this weekend, there’s some things that we’d love to see

New Historic Support or Pioneer Support

Historic hasn’t seen a new release since Jumpstart: Historic Horizons, which was a hugely impactful set for the format. We know that the team had pushed off Pioneer Masters from production indefinitely because they wanted to support the Historic format more, so it’d only make sense that Historic is getting a new Anthology or supplemental set. We would love to see some kind of Pioneer timeline though.

More Cubes


Another thing that we’d love to see would be the addition of more Cubes! I’m talking Vintage, Legacy, heck, even Modern cube. There’s a finite number of cards in those cubes, so hopefully programming those cards into game isn’t a huge undertaking. This could help set up for older sets to be added to the game from a mechanics stand point.

Commander on Arena

We’ve talked about this in various articles before, but we would love to see commander support be added to the game. We already have 100 Card Historic Brawl, which is pretty darn close to commander, we just need to have things like Commander Legends, and the Precons added to the game to really support the format.

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Deck Sharing

The last thing that we’d love to see, and we know that is coming at some point, would be deck sharing between friends. We’d love to be able to say test with a friend for a tournament, or to let our friends play with our cards who may not have them.

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What would you like to see from this announcement? What’s your MTG Arena wish list? Let us know in the comments and be sure to check back as we’ll be covering everything going on in the stream!

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