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MTG Player Fuses Pokemon and Magic Cards to Make Beautiful Tokens

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Tokens are something in Magic: the Gathering that may seem insignificant, but to many, hold a lot of value. They’re a way for players to express themselves in games outside of altering the cards in their deck. It’s also a great way for Artists to create content for the game that they love for others to enjoy. Usually, people will paint on the token, or create their own on a blank card. But that’s not one what one reddit user did. Reddit User jkam19 made some awesome looking Magic tokens from Pokemon cards!


The first set here are Germ tokens, which are used on with the Living Weapon cards. Jkam shows Batterskull and Kaldra Compleat here, and the tokens are made from full art Dittos.

The next set are 3 construct tokens, 2 of which are Metagross, and one Golurk. Next there’s a pair of Wurmcoil Engine tokens, one with Sandaconda and Steelix, and a Human Soldier token with Bruno as the art.

The 3rd set is a Teferi, Hero of Dominaria Emblem token with Giovanni’s Exile as the card. The Companion token is adorable, showing Ash and Pikachu. The Wrenn and Six Emblem is a Trevenant & Dusknoir which feels on flavor. The Treasure token is a Mallow and Lana Tag team card, which I don’t quite understand why, but maybe it’s the friendship is the treasure?

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Fourth up, we have a couple Shark Typhoon with Sharpedo, and Thopter tokens with Magnezone and Skarmory as the art.

The last picture has a bunch here. These are a bit harder to see, but we can definitely see a bunch of zombie tokens, the “On and Adventure” token, and some more constructs.

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These are some really cool and blinged out tokens that’s for sure. If you like these tokens, head over the Reddit post and let them know that you like what they did! Also what tokens are you rocking? Have you ever done something like this? Let us know in the comments!

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