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MTG Lead Designer Hints a Possible Return to Previously Unlikely Plane

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With the release of Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty, players have been over the moon about the overall set. From the set mechanics, to the aesthetics and flavor, many are loving everything about this set. This is causing some to ask about other often times forgotten planes. Well, Mark Rosewater gave us some surprising insight on a potential return to a plane that makes us rethink the whole Rabiah system.

Return to Rabiah

From this post on Mark Rosewater’s blog, the question of a potential return to Rabiah, the plane of Arabian Nights. Historically, a return to this plane posed many problems. From various legal and cultural issues have put this plane at the bottom of the “revisit list”, or the Rabiah Scale. The Rabiah Scale is a list of planes, and the likelihood of us going back to them. What’s interesting is that Rabiah was the plane that started this scale and is the lowest chance rating of return.

Kamigawa’s Impact

We really have Kamigawa to thank for this possibility. We’ve seen the team over at Wizards of the Coast really take special care with Neon Dynasty to make sure that they were paying proper respect and portraying the culture of Japan in an accurate light. But one concern was raised by someone on Reddit around this possible return to Rabiah.

The author of this post brings up a good point here, with the fact that culturally, Kamigawa has a lot more modern day resonance with players today. Japanese pop culture has a lot of fans and traction in the world but Persian and Arabic culture doesn’t have nearly as much main stream appeal. But what Wizards can lean into is cards from the set that resonate with players, such as Library of Alexandria and others.

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What are your thoughts on this prospect? Would you like to go back to a plane like Rabiah, and experience that world? Or do you think that it’s too much? Let us know in the comments!

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