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Rosewater Scale Tells Which Planes Are Most Popular and Likely To Be Revisited

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Innistrad: Midnight Hunt previews are around the corner, and marks the 3rd time that we’re revisiting the plane of Innistrad. Revisiting planes is not anything new to Magic: the Gathering. It really started to pick up with Return to Ravnica, and we’ve seen it happen a lot more frequently in the last 10 years. But how does Wizards of the Coast decide which planes get revisited?

The Rabiah Scale

Wizards of the Coast

The Rabiah Scale is a rating scale that Mark Rosewater came up with to rate various planes that we’ve seen and the likelihood that they’ll be revisited. This is very similar to the “Storm Scale”, which is for mechanics and their likelihood to be reprinted. If a plane gets a 1, then it’s definitely going to be seen again, and if it’s a 10, then it’s going to require a miracle to see it come back. One thing to keep in mind here is that this is MaRo’s personal scale, and it doesn’t directly influence anything within the R&D and Creative Teams. You can learn more about the Rabiah Scale in these two articles on the mothership. That being said the current rankings list is really interesting.

I’ve only listed the top 5 ranks because these are the ones that we’re more likely to see than 6-10, and even Rank 5 planes, it’s a bit of a stretch to get those through.

Planes that are Rank 1: Dominaria, Innistrad, Ravnica
Planes that are Rank 2: Zendikar
Planes that are Rank 3: Theros
Planes that are Rank 4: Arcavios (Strixhaven), Eldraine, Kaldheim
Planes that are Rank 5: Alara, Amonkhet, Ikoria, New Phyrexia (Mirrodin)

Ranks 1-4 are the ones that are definitely more likely to be pushed for revisits. Now if we look at Ranks 1-3 each of these planes are ones that we’ve revisited recently, or even multiple times over the last 10 years. Rank 4 and one Rank 5 planes are ones that we’ve currently in right now in Standard, so my guess is that we’ll expect to see these Rank 4 planes get revisited in about 5 years time from now.

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We still don’t know where Faerûn / D&D will land on this list, but I’d imagine that it’s going to land between 2 and 4. Definitely check out the rest of the list, and let us know in the comments, what plane that’s lower on the list would you like to see revisited?

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