16, Feb, 22

MTG Lead Designer Receives OVERWHELMING Feedback on New MTG Set

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With the most recent Magic: the Gathering set release, Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty, Wizards of the Coast had a lot to live up to. The team had immense pressure for a glorious return to the plane of Kamigawa. Not to mention, there was a ton of cultural challenges the team had faced in addition to making sure that the set was a good set. This set was also a departure

Well, the community has had about a week or so to play with the cards on Magic Arena and in prerelease environments, and the response to the set has been overwhelming! Lead Designer, Mark Rosewater, gets tons of questions on his Blog, but in the past week, it’s been flooded with feedback from fans about the new set!

Even when people have complaints, it’s really not of anything bad about the set!

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This overwhelmingly positive support and sentiment around the set is definitely well deserved. Everything about the set feels great! The limited environment is great, cards seem balanced, the theme, the supplemental media around the set, all are fantastic! Wizards really did a great job with everything about this set. MaRo went on to say that this is the most positive feedback he’s ever gotten about a new set since starting his Blog!

As far as we can tell, MaRo started up his blog in April 2011, at least that’s the oldest post in the archive, so over 10 years! That’s a pretty big statement, and honestly, the love is well deserved on all fronts! Definitely head over to MaRo’s blog and share your thoughts on the set!

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