28, Mar, 22

MTG Lead Designer Drops WILD Teaser Post for Streets of New Capenna

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Article at a Glance

One thing that players love in games is consistency. What’s seeming like an ever increasingly consistent action from Wizards of the Coast is the teaser post that Mark Rosewater posts on his blog for each new set release. Today, MaRo has published that very document and it’s WILD!

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The Teasers

There’s some wild stuff in this doc so here it is, and we’ll break down what we can speculate on aftewards!

Mark Rosewater

There’s definitely a LOT to unpack here so let’s break it down by section. First off, we can see that there’s a big emphasis on “never been done before”. For the first hint, “five mana costs, using existing mana symbols, that hasn’t been done before” is very interesting.

Wizards of the Coast

While we can’t exactly know what they are, there’s a few guess we could have. We saw in the last set with Tamiyo, Compleated Sage that Wizards mixed regular mana and Phyrexian Mana, so we could see something like that. Though I’m not expecting that as it’d be a major curve ball for Phyrexians to show up 2 sets in a row.

Other options here are to utilize Wastes again (probably not), and hybrid mana in some capacity. We know that hybrid mana was used during Shards block, so that’s most likely the answer here.

The next thing that we can look at is a mechanic introduced in the 2000’s comes back to standard. There’s a lot of sets in the 2000s, from Invasion block, to Shards of Alara block. Since Invasion was referenced previously, I’d expect something from there.

Something that I’ll note in both the first and second sections is the addition of WUBRG support in this set. While it’s rarely seen, it’s makes sense with this amount of multicolor focus.

Card effects that seem strong, are any of the sacrifice effects, and the last one on the list, casting free copies of spells.

Notable creature types here, Raccoon Rogue, Treasure Dog, and all of the Legendary Creatures.

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What are your predictions from this doc? What are you excited to see? Let us know!

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