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MTG Designer Drops Hints About Upcoming Set in New Video

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We are about a couple of weeks out from preview season for Magic: the Gathering‘s newest set Streets of New Capenna. Usually a few days before preview season, Mark Rosewater will drop a large list of hints over on his Blog. Well yesterday, Gavin Verhey, Senior Designer for Magic: the Gathering dropped some hints for us in a new video!

The Hints

Gavin Verhey

In the newest Good Morning Magic, Gavin Verhey talks about Streets of New Capenna. Most of this information was already talked about during the New Capenna Prebeat stream. But at the end, Gavin gives us 10 hints about the 5 new commander precons coming with the set! The hints are about cards that will either come in the decks themselves, or in commander cards that show up in the collector or set boosters.

  1. There’s a permanent with an activated ability you can only use if a creature fought this turn
  2. There’s a card that has the Clue subtype.
  3. There’s the first ever legendary creature of a creature type that people have been asking for for years
  4. There’s a card that mechanically fits in with a weird cycle of cards from Invasion block.
  5. There’s a new twist on a mechanic which originally appeared in a previous Commander product
  6. There is a noncreature card which has three instances of “three” – the word – AND three instances of 3 – the number – printed on it
  7. A card which begins “At the beginning of your upkeep, each opponent chooses money, friends, or secrets…”
  8. A Legendary creature that cards about three different creature types that have never been batched together before, until now.
  9. There is a sorcery with only 8 words of rules text.
  10. There’s a ton of One-of mechanics, including one that was thought to never be seen again.

Additionally, Gavin gave us the names of 5 cards from these decks as well. Each of these cards are a different color.

  1. In Too Deep
  2. Jailbreak
  3. Dodgy Jalopy
  4. Misfortune Teller
  5. Life of the Party

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Breaking It Down

Now some of these are pretty vague, and ones that we can’t really speculate too much on. But there’s a few that we can based on some prior information.

For Hint number 3, there is a WIDE variety of creatures that haven’t gotten legendary creatures yet. Upon looking through a slightly outdated list, there’s a couple that stand out to me. The two that I could potentially see would be either Assembly-Worker, or Saproling.

Hint number 4 is also tricky because in Invasion the set, there were 25 different cycles, some of them being 1, 2, or 3 colors. There were also 3 mega-cycles that spanned the whole block. Of all of these, the strange ones that I see are the Land Kavu cycle, such as Slimy Kavu, the Mutation cycle like Aura Mutation, or the Apprentice cycle like Sunscape Apprentice.

Looking back over the years, Hint number 5 leaves us with some options. From Tempting Offer, to Eminence, to Experience Counters, there’s a lot to think about here. I’d love to see a spin on Experience and Eminence.

Hint 9 could be something as easy as “if you control your commander, draw a card”. Hints 8 and 10 are hard to pin down because of the amount of options out there.

As for the 5 names, my guess is that “In Too Deep” is a White card, “Jailbreak” is a Green card, “Dodgy Jalopy” is a Black Vehicle, “Misfortune Teller” is a Blue card, and “Life of the Party” is a red card.

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What do you think about these hints? What are your predictions? Let us know!

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