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MTG Fallout Commander Causes 957% Price Spike!

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MTG Fallout has shaken up the secondary market in a big way. Whether it’s a new card breaking constructed formats as unintended, or a new Commander that has an entire archetype of cards rising in price, Fallout has definitely been shaking things up.

Cards outside of the MTG Fallout set are being affected by the new additions just as much. From dice-rolling cards created years ago, to Doctor Who cards released recently in December, a lot of values are changing in the world of MTG.

Here is yet some more spiking cards this past week thanks to Fallout changes.

Doctor Who in Fallout

Danny Pink, a card from the Paradox Power Doctor Who Precon, is seeing a larger price spike this week. The card’s ability is quite powerful, even though it may not read that way at first glance. The most important text in Danny Pink’s main ability is that it gives said ability to all creatures you control. This makes the ‘first time each turn’ restriction matter a lot less. The more creatures you have, the more cards you can draw.

Mentor is a nice icing on top of the cake, generally allowing you to draw a card with Danny Pink on your turn as long as there is a safe attack.

As is the case with most cards spiking these past few weeks, Danny Pink’s price increase seems to be caused by MTG Fallout. This is a particularly strong upgrade to the Mutant Menace deck.

The Wise Mothman gives your Rad Counter strategy a +1/+1 counter synergy. Its quite easy to spread a ton of counters across a wide board with The Wise Mothman’s triggered ability. Danny Pink can easily refill your hand with this combination of cards.

As a result of this synergy, Danny Pink has seen a decent price increase over the past ten-day period. This card jumped from $1.75 to roughly $10.00. Sales vary between $8 and $12, but $10 seems to be the going average.

Danny Pink has a few different treatments thanks to the Doctor Who Collector Boosters. All of the other variants seem to be approaching $20.

Other Dice-Rolling Cards

Dice-rolling MTG cards are increasing in price en masse this week. We already discussed some of the larger price increases caused by this in another article, but there are even more cards to talk about.

Long story short, MTG players are really loving what Mr. House, President and CEO has to offer. This new Mardu Commander has the ability to turn any dice roll into a massive value generator, creating Golems and Treasures as long as you roll a six or higher. For this reason, any powerful cards utilizing a D20 in their abilities are seeing major price spikes.

This is also the case for Component Pouch. The Artifact is a bizarre mana storage unit that could excel as a ramp tool in Proliferate decks. That said, because this card can repetitively roll D20s every turn cycle, it ends up becoming a value piece alongside Mr. House.

When Mr. House is in play, you’re probably better off just rolling D20s with this card. When Mr. House inevitably gets targeted because its creating too much value, you can start ramping with Component Pouch to get it back in play.

Component Pouch started spiking a couple weeks back. The card had a market average on TCGplayer of about 62 cents at the time. Since then, the card has begun selling for $5-$5.50 rather consistently. Notably, the List copy of Component Pouch is selling for much higher prices (around $9 excluding outliers).

Foil enthusiasts may want to avoid Component Pouch for their Mr. House dice-rolling Commander deck, as no foil printings currently exist.

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Wand of Wonder

Wand of Wonder is a newer spike to hit the marketplace. The card already sees some fringe play across Commander thanks to the potential for powerful payoffs. Even if you roll the lowest variable with this card’s effect, having the option to cast a single instant or sorcery for four mana among a pool of four of them is generally worth it.

Despite this card’s underestimated effect, Wand of Wonder is, once again, seeing a price spike because it rolls a D20. This makes the card an amazing payoff in the new Mr. House Commander deck.

Wand of Wonder had a market average of about $1 on TCGplayer two weeks ago. That market value has spiked to $3.40, but copies of Wand of Wonder are selling for as much as $10. Sales are all over the place at the moment because of how fresh the price spike is. You can probably find one for quite a good deal with some patience.

If you’re looking to grab a copy of this card on the cheap, the promo version of Wand of Wonder seems to be rather cheap in comparison to other printings.

Charismatic Conqueror

Charismatic Conqueror

We were quick to point out that Charismatic Conqueror seemed like the real deal for even cEDH. This two-mana Vampire offers a powerful payoff to Commander players that should trigger rather consistently considering the popularity of Mana Rocks in the Commander format. Whether you’re slowing an opponent down by tapping their stuff, or creating a gigantic board of tokens, Charismatic Conqueror offers a lot of power for just two mana.

If two players control Charismatic Conquerors in a game of Commander, they can even agree to go infinite. This creature can trigger on the tokens it creates, so if your opponent creates a token from their Conqueror, you can create one in turn. As long as neither player decides to tap their creature, you can endlessly create tokens.

Charismatic Conqueror started spiking at the beginning of March, where it has a market average of about $12.65. The card is now selling for $30 rather consistently, which does reflect the power level of the card. If you managed to pick this up on the cheap, congrats!

While it seemed obvious that Charismatic Conqueror would hold some value, $30 apiece is perhaps a different story.

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