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23, Mar, 24

Dice-Rolling MTG Cards See Major Price Spikes!

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MTG Fallout has made rolling dice a lot more exciting! The mechanic was always a fringe one since Dungeons & Dragons started crossing over into the world of MTG. That said, dice-rolling was generally something to be enjoyed in Limited and hasn’t received much support.

There are some powerful dice-rolling cards in the game thanks in-part to the decision to make Unfinity partially black-bordered. Comet, Stellar Pup is a cute and powerful Planeswalker that takes dice-rolling to an extreme.

Dice-Rolling has returned in MTG Fallout, but not as a major mechanic. Instead, a few choice cards host the mechanic as a flavorful homage to what they represent in the crossover IP. The catch? These cards are either good or exciting, which has a lot of players wanting to try them out in Commander. Here’s the reason why MTG dice-rolling cards are spiking all over the place.

Mr. House

Mr. House, President and CEO is a very powerful Commander when you abuse the dice-rolling mechanic. This card has a static ability that applies to all dice rolls that you do. Should you roll a four or higher, you get a 3/3 Golem. Get a perfect 6 or higher? Grab a Treasure token as well!

While rolling a six can certainly feel lucky, Magic players aren’t just limited to rolling D6s. A lot of the Dungeons & Dragons support instead allows players to roll D20s. Rolling a 6 on those dice are relatively trivial.

Mr. House is also interested in utilizing a Treasure subtheme. His personal activated ability gets a lot better if you manage to pay with Treasure in full.

While Mr. House finally gives players a powerful Commander to utilize the dice-rolling mechanic with, he is not the only reason why dice-rolling cards are on the rise. Dice-rolling fanatics also received a win condition that embodies the mechanic perfectly.

Are Ya Feeling Lucky?

Luck Bobblehead really takes gambling on Dice rolls to the next level. Yes, the card offers an alternate win condition, but that win condition is not at all a viable one. Only seven bobblehead cards currently exist in the MTG world, and even having all of those out in play gives an almost impossible chance of winning the game with Luck Bobblehead.

Fortunately, this activated ability does not state that the Bobbleheads need different names. Copying your bobbleheads becomes a real strategy for achieving this win. Even then, though, the optimal number of bobbleheads needed to win with this effect is 49… At that point, you’re likely going to win the game from all the other dice-rolling payoffs you have in your deck.

Luck Bobblehead is exciting though, which has a lot of Commander players turning their heads towards dice-rolling. Even if you’re not trying to win the game with Luck Bobblehead, it is a very good mana rock for the Mr. House Commander deck.

Bobbleheads have been rising in price en masse this week, and show no signs of stopping.

Cards Going Up

Comet, Stellar Pup from Unfinity is the main price spike tipping off finance alerts across the internet. The Pup is already a Legacy-viable threat, and can go absolutely nuts alongside Mr.House. Should you manage to roll a six, Comet will just keep rolling dice, which can keep triggering Mr.House. Alongside some cards that fix your dice-rolling results, like Barbarian Class, Comet has an even higher chance of just going absolutely nuts.

Comet has spiked from about $9.50 to as high as $30! The card’s selling price is still somewhat unstable, but $30 seems to be a somewhat consistent high.

Vexing Puzzlebox started spiking a few weeks back. This is yet another card that synergizes quite well with dice-rolling, and can trigger Mr. House with ease. When your entire deck is focused around dice-rolling, it’s possible to get multiple searches from the Puzzlebox. Continually rolling D20s makes triggering Mr. House easy. Mr. House essentially turns Vexing Puzzlebox into a three mana card that can tap to add a mana, a Treasure, and a 3/3 Golem. What a steal!

At worst, Vexing Puzzlebox is a mana rock with extra steps. Sure, its a little expensive for just that, but it will be doing much more than that almost all the time.

In terms of price, Vexing Puzzlebox started spiking heavily in February, jumping from $2.50 to $13.

The Deck of Many Things is yet another alternate win condition focused on dice-rolling. Like Luck Bobblehead, trying to win with this card is likely a fool’s errand, but getting some value out of it alongside Mr. House is trivial.

Even without Mr. House, the Deck of Many Things is an ok card. All three modes of this card are perfectly acceptable in a wide range of Commander decks.

In terms of price, The Deck of Many Things spiked from $2 to $10 from the end of January. That said, the spike really picked up at the beginning of March, where the Deck spiked from $4 to $10.

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Delina, Wild Mage is one of the strongest dice-rolling payoffs that currently exist in MTG. This card can go near-infinite with Pixie Guide off a good roll, outright killing the table. Sadly, Pixie Guide is blue, so a Commander deck helmed by Mr. House cannot host the Faerie. Still, Delina can roll a lot of D20s, which can create a ton of value from Mr. House’s triggers.

Delina started spiking heavier in mid-February, jumping from $4 to just under $9.

More Dice-Rolling Cards on the Rise!

These are just some examples of dice-rolling cards increasing in price thanks to Mr. House. Any dice-rolling card with some promise and some scarcity is moving up thanks to this new Commander and the dream of pulling off Luck Bobblehead. As such, if you have some powerful dice-rolling cards you want to get rid of, now may be the time to do it. Even if the card isn’t worth too much, it shouldn’t be difficult to find a player who is interested in taking it off your hands.

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