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24, Jun, 22

MTG Collector Boosters are Better than Booster Boxes for Once? Sale Inside!

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Article at a Glance

Happy Friday! What better than to celebrate a week well done with juicy MTG sales! TCGPlayer’s Kickback sale has returned. For a very limited time, all Sealed Products and Supplies purchased on TCGPlayer will be awarded an extra 8% in TCGPlayer bonus bucks! This free real estate can be added to your Double Masters 2022 Singles list. What products should you consider to take advantage of this opportunity? Here are some suggestions!

Double Masters 2022 Sealed Product

As crazy expensive singles keep getting added to Double Masters 2022, the product keeps looking better and better. At the beginning of the week, preorder prices for these boxes were $255. Fast forward a few days, and they’re now pushing $400. Ironically, for players still interested in purchasing Double Masters 2022 products, the Collector Boosters might be a better option financially. Buyer beware, you’re only purchasing four packs of cards with this box. You also get two full-art foil Box-Toppers, which sweetens the deal considerably. These are guaranteed to be chock-full of alternate art rares, making these cards a more financially stable option for future reprints. The Collector Boosters for Double Masters 2022 retail for about $275, which is much cheaper than the draft box equivalent.

New Capenna Set Booster Box

The New Capenna Set Booster Box has a ton of value for your money. The List for this set is absurd, giving you a solid chance of opening extra home runs on top of whatever New Capenna cards you open. There are expensive rares throughout the set represented by Shard Triomes like Raffine’s Tower and Ledger Shredder, a Conniving beast dominating multiple competitive formats. You may even come across a Mythic Gilded Foil if you’re lucky enough. These can be worth $60 or more each! Couple that with a List Sensei’s Divining Top, and your box is paid for with two cards! If value is the name of your MTG game, it doesn’t get much better than this. This is my number one recommendation for putting your money to work for sealed MTG products. It’s not uncommon to find four or more Triomes per box!

Kaladesh Booster Box

Are you feeling lucky? Alternate language Kaldesh Booster Boxes retail for less than a Double Masters 2022 preorder. There aren’t any alternate languages on the big-ticket invention cards here, so you don’t have to worry about opening a German Sol Ring. These are lottery tickets, with the big hits being worth hundreds, even a thousand dollars in some cases. It’s easy to forget, but because of the rise of Pioneer, there are other hits in these boxes! Spirebluff Canal, Inventor’s Fair, Aetherflux Reservoir, Chandra Torch of Defiance, Botanical Sanctum, and Panharmonicon are excellent examples of hits you can find. There are a lot more $5-10 rares than this. Another exciting thing to remember is that this set has a foil multiplier in terms of price. There weren’t any Kaladesh Collector Boosters, so they’re worth something.

Ultra Pro Satin Tower

While building all your MTG decks, it’s easy to forget about finding places to keep them. The Ultra Pro Satin Tower series offers a sturdy deck box with room for 100 standard-sized sleeved cards. In addition, there is an extra compartment for you to put dice, coins, or any other type of counters you may need to play your deck correctly.

These are just a small number of recommendations for things you can find for a bargain at the TCGPlayer Bonus Bucks kickback sale. There’s a lot more to look at, and you can do so here.

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