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MTG Clue Exclusive Creates Multiple Two-Card Infinite Combos!

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The new MTG Clue Edition crossover is a rather interesting phenomenon. Essentially offering a boardgame experience that crosses the intricate gameplay found in Magic: the Gathering and the whodunnit nature of asking questions to solve a Clue-based mystery, two of Hasbro’s most classic games have been fused together for a new experience. Like it or not, however, this Clue experience is definitely tailored towards the MTG fans.

Contained within the MTG Clue game is an entire microset full of interesting cards! Players can even find one guaranteed full-art MTG Shock Land in each box! Considering how much play these cards see, the secondary market value on a scarcer version should be noteworthy.

Besides the Clue-themed MTG cards, like the various characters, locations and murder weapons in question, this mini Clue set also offers a surprising suite of mechanically unique cards. Legal in eternal formats, many, if not all, of these are too weak to make major impacts in competitive formats. One card, however, could have a surprising Commander impact.

Thanks to the mystery theme in both the Clue set and Murders at Karlov Manor, Investigate is making a major comeback. One new Clue card is taking Investigate to a whole new level, creating multiple two-card infinite combos with Clue Tokens!

Lonis, Genetics Expert

Lonis, Genetics Expert is a three mana Legendary Creature exclusive to the upcoming Clue expansion. This Snake Elf Detective has two unassuming abilities that can easily create infinite loops. Evolve is a nice treat, rewarding players for playing bigger creatures and, therefore, creating Clue Tokens with Lonis’s ability.

The first ability is what Lonis really cares about, though. Whenever Lonis gets +1/+1 counters, you get a Clue. That means if another creature cares about artifacts or tokens entering the battlefield, infinite combos can easily be created.

The number of infinite combos Lonis creates is actually kind of absurd. This article will list out some of the most interesting ones that should be usable in a game of Commander.

Rosie Cotton of South Lane

You won’t be able to use this infinite with Lonis as a Commander, but Lonis, Genetics Expert and Rosie Cotton of South Lane create an infinite combo scenario.

Rosie enters the battlefield with a Food token. That triggers Rosie’s ability, putting a counter on a creature. That creature can be Lonis.

This will trigger Lonis, creating a Clue Token. Rosie happens to care about token creation, so this will trigger Rosie, which can put another counter on Lonis. Congrats! You have an infinitely large Lonis and an infinite number of Clue tokens!

Ironically, this combo can go wrong pretty fast. If Lonis and Rosie are the only two creatures you have, you won’t be able to stop this combo. Rosie cannot target herself with her ability, and Lonis’s ability to Investigate is not optional. This will create an infinite loop that can draw the game if no one has interaction to stop it.

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Lonis, Genetics Expert and Extruder happen to create another infinite combo. Lonis gives Extruder sacrifice fodder in the form of Clue Tokens, which it can use to put counters on Lonis. The Clues being sacrificed with Extruder’s ability also means that Lonis can put +1/+1 counters on other creatures. The result? You’ll have an infinite large Lonis and an infinitely large Extruder, at minimum. Any other creatures you control can also become infinitely large.

This combo is ultimately probably the most useful one. There’s no worry of accidentally creating an unresolvable loop, and all of the cards mentioned can fit into a deck with Lonis as a Commander. You generally only need Extruder to resolve for one turn, so the Echo downside isn’t the worst thing in the world.

Two Lonis and a Sacrifice Outlet

If you’re running Lonis as a Commander and are interested in pulling off infinite combos, having two copies of Lonis plus a sacrifice outlet can do the trick. You can bypass the Legend Rule using cards like Spark Double and Sakashima of a Thousand Faces to get two copies of Lonis in play. All you need past that point is something that can sacrifice your Clue Tokens. Krark Clan Ironworks is one powerful example that works.

Sacrificing a Clue will trigger both Lonis, which can put a counter on each other. That will trigger both cards, creating two Clue Tokens. Then, all you need to do is sacrifice another Clue to repeat the process. This should net infinitely large Lonis, infinite Clue Tokens, and depending on the sacrifice outlet, another infinite aspect.

The two best sacrifice outlets, besides the previously mentioned Extruder, are Grinding Station and Krark Clan Ironworks. Grinding Station can act as a direct win condition, milling all of your opponents out. Krark Clan Ironworks can provide infinite colorless mana. Other artifact sacrificial outlets generally have a smaller payoff, but can still allow you to create infinite tokens and infinitely large Lonises.

Even if the two Lonis are your only two creatures, you do not need to worry about creating an endless loop. Just stop sacrificing artifacts and the combo ends.

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Two Lonis and an Academy Manufactor

This infinite combo has a few extra steps involved, but can go infinite with just a little startup mana.

Considering that any deck with Lonis will probably care about Clue tokens, you’ll likely want Academy Manufactor in the deck anyways. This card is likely to spike in price following the release of Murders at Karlov Manor, so consider picking it up now if you want it.

All you need to do to get this combo off the ground is sacrifice a Clue Token for two mana. This will trigger both Lonis, allowing them to put a counter on each other, creating two Clue Tokens. This will trigger Academy Manufactor’s replacement effect, creating two Foods, Clues and Treasures instead. You can then use two Treasure Tokens to sacrifice another Clue, repeating the process and netting infinitely large creatures, infinite Food and infinite Clues.

More Combos to Find!

If this combo demonstration makes anything clear, it’s that Lonis looks absurdly powerful in Commander. This card is incredibly easy to go infinite with, and will likely become a feared Commander in the days to come. There are likely even more ways to go infinite with Lonis, Genetics Expert than what has been mentioned in this article, but this gives you a good place to start.

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