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1, Jun, 22

MTG Baldur's Gate Commander Decks

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Article at a Glance

MTG’s newest set, Commander Legends, Battle for Baldur’s Gate, features four brand new Commander decks that come with exclusive singles and exciting reprints. Here, we will go over what these MTG Baldur’s Gate Commander decks look like, and a quick overview on what each deck’s core mechanic is. These decks all look a little pushed, so you can expect some value!


From what we can see so far from each of the Commander decks, there’s one Background card with an alternate Commander that can use the Background for each deck. There’s also 10 new cards (including the Commander) that are being introduced with each of the MTG Baldur’s Gate Commander decks.

Mind Flayarrrs

There are a few cards that this plugin doesn’t recognize yet. Here’s what’s missing (Captain N’ghathrod is included but is pictured below):

zellix, sanity flayer
haunted one
aboleth spawn
endless evil
brainstealer dragon
from the catacombs
grell philosopher
psionic ritual
captain n'ghathrod

Mind Flayarrrs features the Dimir color combination with blue and black.

Mind Flayarrrs is a Horror tribal deck that focus on trying to connect to an opponent with horrors in order to make them mill cards from their library. At the end of your turn, Captain N’ghathrod, the deck’s commander, can return an artifact or creature that was milled during the turn. This deck comes chock full with horrors, some amazing tribal reprints, and interaction to make sure that your opponent doesn’t run away with the game if you have a slow start.

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Draconic Dissent

The decklist above includes all reprints. Here are the new cards being released in Draconic Dessent:

Baeloth Barrityl, Entertainer
artificer class
astral dragon
mocking doppelganger
bothersome quasit
Death kiss
loot dispute
spectacular showdown
Firkraag, Cunning Instigator

Dragons Dissent features the Izzet color combination with red and blue.

This deck cares about two things: Goad and Dragons. Use Goad abilites to make your opponents attack each other and reap the rewards from doing so. Firkraag rewards goading creatures by growing itself and drawing more cards. There are plenty of abilities to Goad your opponents throughout the deck. This is coupled by some cards to encourage your opponents to attack each other instead of you.

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Exit from Exile

Here are the new cards in the Exit from Exile deck:

Durnan of the Yawning Portal
passionate archaeologist
delayed blast fireball
green slime
Tlincalli Hunter
Venture Forth
Sarevoks Tome
journey to the lost city
faldorn, dread wolf herald

Exit from Exile features the Gruul color combination with Green and Red.

As the name of this deck suggests, casting cards from exile is the plan for Exit from Exile. This is a very common mechanic used to generate red card advantage, and allowing that to have a gameplan is an incredibly interesting theme to give to a preconstructed deck. This deck comes with some brilliant reprints, and should be easily customizable because of how well Exit from Exile synergizes with other red staples. Faldorn, Dread Wolf Herald comes down early and rewards you for playing cards from exile by creating extra bodies whenever one is cast. They also come with a sort of fixed loot ability that synergizes with the theme of the deck. It’s a little worse then a normal loot, since you lose the card in exile if you don’t play it, but the upside on Faldorn makes it worthwhile.

Due to its amazing reprints and its incredible synergistic potential with Commander powerhouses, this is the one of the most exciting MTG Baldur’s Gate Commander Decks in my opinion.

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Party Time

Here are all the new cards being released with Party Time:

burakos, party leader
folk hero
deep gnome terramancer
Harper Recruiter
Seasoned Dungeoneer
stick together
black market connections
solemn doomguide
multiclass baldric
nalia d'arnise

Party Time features the Orzhov color combination with Black and White.

The name of the deck, once again, gives away what Party Time is interested in doing. This is a callback to the Party mechanic that first surfaced in the non D&D set Zendikar Rising. Basically, the goal is to complete your party by having a different creature types on board. These include Wizard, Rogue, Warrior, and Cleric. The more you have on board, the bigger payoff you get from your Party abilities. This is an archetype that desperately needed some support. I’m very happy that an old idea that synergizes incredibly well with the world of D&D on a flavor level is getting some love.

MTG Baldur’s Gate Commander Decks Closing Notes

That was a quick overview on the MTG Baldur’s Gate Commander Decks that are coming out with the release of MTG’s newest set. Unfortunately, it looks like the release of this product may be delayed for some areas.

This is a lot of information to take in. Look forward to some articles that break down the contents of these decks in further detail! See you then.

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