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Wizards Announces Major Delays to MTG's Newest Product

Article at a Glance

On May 26, Wizards of the Coast wrote an article announcing that there will be product delays for Baldur’s Gate.

The delays vary by area, much as they have for past iterations of product releases. Fortunately, for some areas, delays look rather minor. There are some more major delays regarding the Commander Prebuilt decks for Baldur’s Gate. Hopefully, you’ll be able to get yours as soon as possible.

North America

baldurs gate draft booster

North America is getting hit lightly with product delays. Only Draft Booster Boxes and Draft Bundles have a chance of being delayed. This should not affect prereleases since Baldur’s gate prereleases are coming in kits. New Capenna prereleases awarded Set Boosters as prizing, so this is likely the reason that we are getting Set Boosters over Draft Boosters. There is no date on how long Draft Boosters will be affected by limited availability.


baldurs gate commander deck

For the APAC area, possible delays are a little more severe. Japanese and Chinese Simplified Baldur’s Gate Set Boosters may be delayed across the Asia-Pacific. Baldur’s Gate Bundles may be delayed across Southeast Asia. The big one is that all Baldur’s Gate Commander decks may be delayed for the entirety of APAC. Wizards have not given a date for which to expect these products. Hopefully, delays don’t prove to be too severe.

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baldurs gate set booster

If you’re a LATAM player, you can expect about a week’s delay after the official release of Baldur’s Gate on the following:

  • For Brazil, expect delays for Portuguese language Baldur’s Gate Set Boosters. Additionally, delays should be expected for Portuguese and English language Baldur’s Gate Commander decks.
  • In Mexico, expect delays for English language Baldur’s Gate Set Boosters.
  • Finally, for Chile, English and Spanish language Baldur’s Gate Commander Decks may be delayed.


baldurs gate collector booster

Finally, if you’re from the EMEA area, there may be a few weeks of delay on Collector Boosters reaching mass-market retailers. This seems like the lightest delays that Wizards has announced since it sounds like there’s a chance to still find Collector Boosters at small retailers.

Wizards have stated that this may not be the end of areas affected by Baldur’s Gate product delays and that they will update this article as they know more.

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