tezzeret, master of the bridge
20, Dec, 22

MTG Artifact Support Cards are Tripling in Price!

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The Brothers’ War was an artifact-themed MTG set that was released in November. Players got a lot of new artifact-related toys as a result, so it only makes sense that artifact support saw an increase in demand. Even though months have passed since then, the secondary market still feels the changes even today. Here are some of the artifact support cards that have spiked the most since the release of The Brothers War!

Tezzeret, Master of the Bridge

tezzeret, master of the bridge

Tezzeret was somewhat underrated for quite a long time. Outside of EDH, this card never really found a place to thrive. While giving your Planeswalkers and creatures Affinity for Artifacts is an incredible upside, six mana for a rather underwhelming Planeswalker otherwise was not great. Now that The Brothers’ War has come out with both insane Affinity enablers and payoffs, things have changed.

Before the release of The Brothers’ War, Tezzeret sported about an $8 price tag. This is mainly due to its exclusivity. For reference, this is the Box Topper for War of the Spark, meaning that you cannot get Tezzeret in the main set. Since the release of The Brother’s War, the card has more than tripled in price, reaching about $30! If you have some extra copies of this card you’re not using, now would be the time to sell them. While the card recently experienced an incredible spike, this card is beginning to level out, which means we could see a slight dip in price as copies of the card reenter the secondary market and demand begins to be met.

Myconsynth Golem

mycosynth golem

Tezzeret’s spike in price may be thanks to this guy. Myconsynth Golem has been continually spiking and finding its way into financial headlines for weeks, but this is the first time we’ve featured the card since its spike. While the Golem did make another significant jump this week, the card has doubled in price since the release of The Brothers’ War. Previously, the card was worth about $14. The card is now rapidly approaching the $50 mark, currently selling for as much as $45. That said, the card is seeing a vast array of price points depending on its condition, with some going for as little as $21.

As you may notice, Mycosynth Golem offers a similar ability to Tezzeret. Both of these cards are capable of granting creatures Affinity. Notably, both of the new EDH preconstructed decks feature Legendary creatures and focus on artifacts, making these compelling additions to both of those decks. Mycosynth Golem does not have many widely available printings, only having one List printing and one printing from Fifth Dawn, which features some other scarce artifacts that have seen massive spikes over the past few months.

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Darksteel Forge

darksteel forge

Whenever artifacts begin to see a lot of demand, spikes to Darksteel Forge are not far behind. Synonymous with what many MTG players think of as the king of artifact-themed payoffs, Darksteel Forge is a massive artifact that gives all of your artifacts indestructible. This can lead to some rather annoying loops (Using Nevinyrral’s Disk every turn cycle), but it also makes your board incredibly difficult to deal with.

Darksteel Forge’s spike isn’t as impressive as the other cards mentioned so far, but its printings have risen approximately $12 in price (from about $18 to $30).

Goblin Welder

goblin welder

Now that we’ve established some huge artifact-based payoffs let’s look at some ways to cheat them in that are growing in popularity! While the hype around Goblin Welder is mainly based on cheating in Portal to Phyrexia, the card is quite capable of cheating in Darksteel Forge and Mycosynth Golem as well!

Most of these cards, generally, are key artifact support cards even before the release of The Brothers’ War, so they all have relevant price tags that got blown up by a fresh wave of demand for artifact-related cards. As such, Goblin Welder has doubled in price from about $8 to $16. Notably, the card is selling for more than its market price currently, indicating that Goblin Welder will likely see a spike to $20. Older versions of Goblin Welder are selling for even more. You can find non-foil copies of the Urza’s Legacy version going for as much as $25.

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Cyberdrive Awakener

cyberdrive awakener

Cyberdrive Awakener, apparently, is mainly seeing its price rise because its beginning to see Vintage play. That said, the card is also fantastic in one of the new preconstructed EDH decks. This grants all the constructs you create in Urza’s Iron Alliance flying, making them incredibly difficult to block.

In Vintage, Cyberdrive Awaker is becoming a staple in Paradoxical Outcome builds. This deck aims to play a bunch of cheap artifacts and use Paradoxical Outcome to bounce them and draw a bunch of cards. Cyberdrive Awakener can turn these artifacts into flying 4/4 creatures from nowhere to emulate a lethal swing.

The spike seen on Cyberdrive Awakener, even though it is the cheapest card on this list, is perhaps the most impressive. Starting at less than a dollar before June, the card recently spiked to $9, marking an insane increase percentile-wise.

Expect this Trend to Continue

Phyrexia: All Will Be One is likely to feature some artifact cards. As such, artifact support should continue to see some increased interest for a little while. That said, most of these are starting to find their price points now, so if you’re interested in selling, I may do that sooner rather than later. These likely won’t return to their original prices, but they may decrease a bit when finding a price point.

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