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MTG Announces October Secret Lair Drops, Including Stranger Things and More

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In today’s WeeklyMTG Stream, Wizards of the Coast announced their new cycle of Secret Lair drops! There’s a lot of very cool drops coming out soon, include the Stranger Things drop that we’ve been waiting to see for what feels like an eternity. We got of the first couple cards from that drop previewed by IGN, but now we have the rest of that drop, and the many others coming soon! Let’s get into the drops!


The first drop is called Mirrodinsanity. This drop brings some incredible new art for the original Artifact Land cycle from Mirrodin. These cards are in an incredible pixel art style by DXTR. For pixel art, there’s a lot of great detail shown in these cards.

Monster Anatomy 101

Next up is the Monster Anatomy 101 drop. This set of 5 has various creatures but are depicted in a human anatomy college text book art style. Timba Smits did a great job with recreating the original creatures but then showcasing some fun and interesting parts of the creature.

Thrilling Tales of the Undead

The 3rd drop is a smaller one, but plays into the spooky time of year. This one is called Thrilling Tales of the Undead. This one involves Liliana and her zombie / reanimation theme. Fay Dalton did a stunning job with these Movie Poster / Pin Up pieces.

Read the Fine Print

Another Liliana focused drop here, with Read the Fine Print. This one focuses on Liliana, and the demons that she made pacts with in the story. This drop comes in more than just the standard nonfoil and foil versions, it will also come in a stunning etched foil version as well.

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Showcase: Midnight Hunt

While the name of this drop might lead you to believe that this has some newer cards from Innistrad: Midnight Hunt, but this is even better. The utility lands from the original Innistrad block are getting the Eternal Night treatment from the new set. They all look stunning, and will be available in both non foil and foil versions.

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Monster Movie Marathon

Next up, we have a really cool take on old school Monster Movie posters. There are 4 cards in this drop, and they all appear as if they could be seen framed and hung in a movie theater. These are all staples in one format or another, so this is a great way to bling out some of your decks!

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Stranger Things

The moment we’ve all been waiting for, the Stranger Things drop is finally here! We got to see Hopper, Eleven, Mike and Dustin previewed earlier in the day today. On the stream, we got to see the rest of the cards, with Lucas, Will, Max, and the Mind Flayer all making an appearance in the drop. It’s incredible that the art on these are so close to life for the characters and they’ll all be great commander cards for sure. We’ll be talking about this set more in detail, so stay tuned for that!

One thing to note with these cards, we knew that these cards would eventually get a “Magic equivalent” version at some point in the future. We now know that the Magic versions of these cards will show up on The List, in Set Boosters of Streets of New Capena. They will show up pretty commonly, basically showing up in roughly 1 in 8 set boosters.

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There are 3 bundles for these drops. These include one of each drop in non foil, one of each drop in foil (but not including the etched foil for Read the Fine Print), and then one of everything including the etched foil drop. These cost $189.99, $279.99, and $449.99 respectively, and everything will be going on sale October 18th, 2021. Be sure to head over to the Secret Lair website if you’re interested in picking up any of these fantastic drops!

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