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15, May, 24

New $479 Secret Lair Drop Saved By Foil Value

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After its very own mini spoiler season, the 2024 Spring Superdrop is finally here. Offering a plethora of reprints in an assortment of styles, this latest Superdrop has it all. From the debut of Hatsune Miku to Goblins showing off their best poses, this Superdrop is undeniably unique.

As always, when looking at a Secret Lair drop, the art is the most important factor. If you like the style and the cards it’s on, you might be tempted to pick it up. For some MTG players, however, art alone isn’t enough to drive a purchase. Thankfully, it’s very possible to look at Secret Lair drops from a value perspective.

Since the 2024 Spring Superdrop contains nothing but reprints, pricing up each Secret Lair drop is theoretically easy. Admittedly, the unique art on Secret Lair cards can change the final price, but you can at least determine minimal value. So, throughout this article, we’ll be doing exactly that to see which Secret Lair drops are worth their price tag.

To do this, we’ll be utilizing TCGplayer’s market price feature while looking at the cheapest printing of existing cards. This should provide the expected bare minimum price for each Secret Lair drop, determining its financial worth. Keep in mind, however, that certain Secret Lair cards have been known to sell for well above this value.

Ultimately, whether you’re in it for the art or the potential value, there’s a lot to love in the 2024 Spring Superdrop. So, without any further ado, let’s go over everything there is to know about the Secret Lair 2024 Spring Superdrop.

Secret Lair x Hatsune Miku: Sakura Superstar

2024 Spring Superdrop Secret Lair x Hatsune Miku Sakura Superstar

Non-Foil Price: $29.99 | Foil Price: $39.99

Out of all the Secret Lair drops in the 2024 Spring Superdrop, this Hatsune Miku crossover is unsurprisingly the most hyped. While admittedly odd for a Universes Beyond crossover, there’s no denying Miku has legions of fans. As if this wasn’t already obvious enough, these fans quickly proved themselves by snapping up copies of this drop en masse.

Unsurprisingly, the Secret Lair x Hatsune Miku: Sakura Superstar Secret Lair Drops has already sold out. This impressive feat happened in less than 24 hours which is downright remarkable. Given how many copies of this Secret Lair drop are already listed for sale on eBay, it’s also rather worrying.

From a value perspective, this Secret Lair drop is hardly all that. Costing $30 or $40, neither variant of this drop comes close to breaking even in theory. While the baseline reprint prices for this drop are disappointing, it’d be surprising if these Miku cards didn’t sell for more. Given how scarce they appear to be, these new Secret Lair cards could sell for quite a premium!

Alongside their normal non-foil and foil variants, this Secret Lair drop is also available from Wizards in Japanese. Well, it was available, at least, as this variant of the SLD also sold out lightning fast. Sadly, now it’s unavailable from Wizards, you’ll have to rely on the secondary market to acquire these cards.


2024 Spring Superdrop Goblingram

Non-Foil Price: $29.99 | Foil Price: $39.99

While Hatsune Miku’s SLD may be the most hyped, there’s no question that Goblingram is the most cursed. Featuring a variety of Goblins posing their hearts out, this Secret Lair drop showcases Instagram at its worst. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the drop’s value isn’t even that impressive either.

From the moment it was first revealed, we, alongside many others, recoiled at the looks of this Secret Lair drop. Due to this, you may think this drop will be a flop, but that’s hardly guaranteed. Between players looking to inflict psychic damage on their opponents and those who actually like the art, there’s still an audience for these cards.

While there will be an audience for these cards, they’re probably not all about potential value. Unless this Secret Lair drop severely undersells and becomes incredibly scarce, the value is quite simply lacking. No matter which variant you look at, either drop falls over $10 shy of their price point when looking at pure reprints.

Technically, there is some hope that the Goblingram Secret Lair Drop could be redeemed by a choice Bonus Card. Sadly, for finance fans at least, this appears to be rather unlikely. Since they appear in the flavor text comments of the Secret Lair, it’s believed that Thrun, the Last Troll is a guaranteed Bonus Card.

Currently, this speculation is unconfirmed, but even if it’s real, Thrun, the Last Troll sadly doesn’t offer much value. Selling for $0.74, this card is only notable for its foil value which is $11.09.

Outlaw Anthology Vol 1: Rebellious Renegades

2024 Spring Superdrop Poker Faces

Non-Foil Price: $29.99 | Foil Price: $39.99

In case Outlaws of Thunder Junction didn’t have enough Outlaws for you, the Rebellious Renegades drop has you covered. Well, it would do, at least, if most of this drop’s cards were actually Outalws. Bafflingly, only one card, Grenzo, Havoc Raiser fits into the newly crowned Outlaws batch from the main set.

Despite this oddity, the cards in Outlaw Anthology Vol 1: Rebellious Renegades can at least commit crimes fairly easily. Outside of Griselbrand every card in this drop has a Crime committing ability. Thanks to this, these flavorful additions should still be able to find a home in any Crime-based decks.

While the flavor of this Secret Lair drop may be a little bit off, value-wise, there’s a lot to like. Largely, this is thanks to the reprint of Tezzeret the Seeker who is worth $20 on their own. Primarily seeing play in Commander, there’s a fair chance this new reprint could sell for a higher premium, rather than bringing the price down.

Surprisingly, while the non-foil variant of this Secret Lair drop seemingly offers positive value, the foil version doesn’t. Up against the increased $40 price tag, the marginally increased value of some cards just doesn’t cut it. Surprisingly, this drop has two cards that are actually worth less as foils, which certainly doesn’t help things.

Even if the foil value isn’t perfect, Outlaw Anthology Vol 1: Rebellious Renegades is still a great Secret Lair drop. Offering gorgeous art, popular cards, and decent value too, this is an all-around hit.

Outlaw Anthology Vol 2: Sinister Scoundrels

2024 Spring Superdrop Outlaw Anthology Vol 2 Sinister Scoundrels

Non-Foil Price: $29.99 | Foil Price: $39.99

As if the Rebellious Renegades drop wasn’t tenuous enough, the Vol 2: Sinister Scoundrels is even worse! In this drop, not a single one of the cards is an Outlaw, and only one of them commits crimes! Without Memnarch this 2024 Spring Superdrop SLD would be a complete flavor faux pas!

Thankfully, while the flavor may be a bit of a miss, this Secret Lair drop is still well worth the cost. Not only do you get an assortment of gorgeous character-focused art, but these cards are also rather valuable!

In terms of value, this drop is mostly propped up by the reprint of Korvold, Fae-Cursed King. Selling for over $12, this card has long been overdue for a reprint with different art. Depending on what players think of it, this could lead to a higher final price, but that remains to be seen.

While the non-foil value of the Sinister Scoundrels drop is fairly respectable, it has nothing on the foil value. Technically, when fully foiled out, this drop is worth almost $100! This is almost entirely thanks to Karona, False God who is worth $70 as a foil… right?

As much as their cheapest foil printing might be $70, this is only due to it being so scarce. Having only been previously printed in Scourge, foil copies of this card are extraordinarily rare and subsequently valuable. While this Secret Lair drop is technically a limited printing, it should be much more common, so don’t expect such a high price tag.

Showcase: Outlaws of Thunder Junction

2024 Spring Superdrop Showcase Outlaws of Thunder Junction

Non-Foil Price: $29.99 | Foil Price: $39.99

Last but not least for the Outlaws-themed drops, we have the Outlaws of Thunder Junction Showcase drop. As with previous Showcase drops, this latest SLD continues the themes of the main set by using its showcase treatment. Considering the freedom of Secret Lair, this would have been a perfect opportunity to reprint some fantastic Crime engines or Outlaws.

Somewhat unsurprisingly, considering what we’ve seen so far, none of the cards in this Secret Lair are Outlaws. Worse yet, only one of them Dack Fayden is even capable of committing a Crime. As if it wasn’t enough to be propping up this drop’s flavor, Dack Fayden is also the drop’s value all-star.

Selling for $9 as a non-foil and $35 when foil, this card stands clear of the rest of the drop. The only other card that comes close is Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet, which also has decent foil value. While the rest of the drop flops in comparison to these cards, they do have some cult appeal that could drive demand.

Poker Faces

2024 Spring Superdrop Poker Faces

Non-Foil Price: $29.99 | Foil Price: $39.99

If you think that needing to read your cards is overrated, Poker Faces might be the Secret Lair drop for you. Featuring no rules text, at all, this drop requires you to know what each of these cards does inside and out. While this isn’t so hard for a card like Goblin King a textless Coffin Queen may require some explaining.

Looking beyond the lack of text for a moment, this Secret Lair drop offers some decent and welcome value. That will be the case, at least, provided that Coffin Queen’s price doesn’t tank with this reprint. Having not been reprinted since Tempest, the price of this card is largely due to its scarcity as it’s hardly the best reanimator.

Turning our attention to the foil value, this Secret Lair drop gets a lot more interesting. Not only is Goblin King a $35 foil right now, but Professional Face Breaker is decently valuable too! On top of this, Coffin Queen is getting its first Foil Printing in this Secret Lair drop. While this may sound very lucrative, sadly, there’s no telling how much copies of this card may be worth.

sAnS mERcY

2024 Spring Superdrop sAnS mERcY

Non-Foil Price: $29.99 | Foil Price: $39.99

Usually, Secret Lair fans are lucky, or rather unlucky, to get one heavily cursed drop each Superdrop. Bucking this trend, for better or worse, the 2024 Spring Superdrop has two of them! Capable of dealing psychic damage to opponents, just like Goblingram, the sAnS mERcY Secret Lair is a hell of a thing.

As if the Comic Sans and meme-y capitalization weren’t bad enough, this Secret Lair also has a spelling mistake. Found on dOOm bLade, this card reads “tARgeEt” instead of “target.” Thankfully, this spelling mistake doesn’t affect the playability of the card, as it’ll still use the English Oracle text when played.

While dOOm bLade may be the most interesting card, tOrMEnt oF hAiLFiRe is the most expensive. Clocking in at an impressive $20 as a non-foil card, this Hour of Devastation spell saves this Secret Lair. When foil, its price is even better for finance fans, but it’s not the only strong performer!

Alongside tOrMEnt oF hAiLFiRe, mAsSaCRe and MOgIs, gOD of sLaUGHter are both worth around $20. On top of all this, rUiNatIOn has never had a foil printing before, so it could be rather pricy! All in all, if you can get past the text, this Secret Lair drop is absolutely fantastic from a finance perspective.


Last but not least, the 2024 Spring Superdrop has an assortment of bundles that players can purchase. In theory, these bundles should provide some healthy discounts on the Secret Lair drops included, which is always nice. Unfortunately, this theory has a few holes in it thanks to the current limited-run model for Secret Lair drops.

Rather than having a set number of bundles available, each Secret Lair drop in the 2024 Spring Superdrop is linked together. Due to this, as soon as one Secret Lair sells out, it takes out a large number of bundles with it too. For this 2024 Spring Superdrop, this has happened even more severely than usual.

Once both versions of the Secret Lair x Hatsune Miku: Sakura Superstar sold out, almost every bundle became unavailable. Currently, only the two Outlaws of Thunder Junction bundles are left standing, but even they may not last long. Sadly, it seems like if you want a bundle nowadays, you really have to act fast.

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