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Mono Red Is Back on the Menu in Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Standard

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As we venture into the new world of Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Standard, there’s a bunch of new decks vying for position in meta. We’re in a place where Mono Green, and Izzet Turns are incredibly dominant right now but a new deck has been making some waves. This one goes out to all the RDW fans out there, your time has come!

Red Deck Wins

Ladies and Gentlemen, Red Deck Wins is back on the menu. The main focus of the deck is to go fast. We are playing a bunch of low to the ground creatures, and a bunch of spells to help us push through damage. This deck is very straight forward, so we’ll break down the deck and why it’s so well positioned right now.

The Army

Wizards of the Coast

Our first creature is Falkenrath Pit Fighter. A 1 mana 2/1 is a great rate, and can start applying early pressure to our opponent’s life total. It also can generate us some card advantage in a pinch. This is a great 1 drop for us to start our game plan off early.

Next up, is Flame Channeler / Embodiment of Flame. The body on this card is totally fine, a 2/2 on the front and a 3/3 on the back. We play a bunch of spells that deal damage, so we’ll be able to reliably flip this creature. From there, this is a great way to keep churning through our deck and generating us some card advantage.

Wizards of the Coast

Another 2 strong drop on the list that can come down on early, but gets better in the midgame is Bloodthirsty Adversary. This combos really well with all of our cheap spells. Flashing back our host of removal spells helps us gain a ton of value and lets us push the damage when it counts.

Wizards of the Coast

Reckless Stormseeker is our only 3 drop, but it’s proven itself to be an incredible threat. It’s being used in multiple decks across the format, and it fits in really well here. If we can get this to flip as well, providing trample is huge for our threats.

Wizards of the Coast

Our big boss creature is Sunstreak Phoenix. This card is a recursive threat that interacts well with Reckless Stormseeker. This creature is also evasive with Flying which is very relevant when there’s a lot of creature decks running around.

Removal Spells

Our spell suite includes a host of burn spells that are all very cheap, but versatile. Each has the ability to deal with all matter of creatures. Also all of these spells cost 3 or less which combos with our Bloodthirsty Adversary. Raze the Effigy also can beef up an unblocked creature and punch through a bit more damage as well.

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Why is this so good?

Right now this is pretty well positioned in this metagame because of the 2 big decks in the format. Mono Green can be a bit slower to get going, so if you can apply early pressure and one for one their threats, you can overwhelm them really quickly. Izzet Turns is a deck that is very slow to go off. While they do have a lot of removal, our fast curve can often put them in a very difficult situation. Also having the ability to point 2 of our spells at our opponent’s face gives us a lot of extra reach.

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If you’re a fan of traditional Mono Red, then definitely give this a shot! It’s honestly very good to see a deck like this come up in popularity, as it’s been fairly absent from the overall standard meta for a while. Give this a try and let us know what you think in the comments!

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