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This Deck is the BEST to Climb MTG Arena Ladder in Standard

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We’re in a great time in Standard right now. The new meta and evolving ecosystem with rotation and Innistrad: Midnight Hunt has brought some great and fresh decks to the game. We’ve talked about some early great decks to climb ladder when the set came out, but as the format has evolved a new challenger has emerged. This is the best deck right now to climb the ladder with in Standard.

What Makes a Deck Good for Ladder?

Wizards of the Coast

When we evaluate decks that we’re going to be using on the ladder to climb, there’s a few things to consider. First off, we need to look at if the deck is going to line up in the metagame well. If the meta is all really fast hype aggro decks, we may not want to play a slower control deck.

Next, we want to look for a deck that has a positive win rate. We don’t need to win every single match, but as long as it’s at least 60%, we can climb efficiently. In that same vein, we want a deck that we know how to pilot efficiently. If we as players are not knowledgeable or comfortable playing control, then we’re going to take longer to try and win our games. That being said, here’s the deck that I’d recommend to climb ladder with.

Mono Green Aggro

The deck that we’re going to look at is Mono Green Aggro. I’ve been playing this deck on ladder and have had a win rate of something like. .15-3 in Diamond. There’s a lot of the usual suspects in here, cards like [tooltips]Werewolf Pack Leader[/tooltips], [tooltips]Ranger Class[/tooltips], and [tooltips]Esika’s Chariot[/tooltips], but there’s a few spicy ones here too.

Innistrad: Midnight Hunt

One of the cards that has over performed is [tooltips]Briarbridge Tracker[/tooltips]. We have a ton of different tokens being created in this deck, so it’s regularly a 4/3. A card that has been a test card is [tooltips]Primal Adversary[/tooltips]. It’s been performing well as an over stated creature with some upside. It’s usually coming down when you can pay for 1 “kicker”.

The real banger of this deck is [tooltips]Unnatural Growth[/tooltips]. We usually are going to have a decent sized board of creatures, some with trample, so having this powerful effect helps us really punch damage through easily. The real power in this card is that it happens on our opponent’s turn as well. This often makes combat for our opponent very difficult.

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I’d definitely consider giving this deck a shot if you’re looking for a really consistent deck that goes way over the top of a lot of other decks. This play patterns for this deck are very straight forward, but offer a lot of flexibility and resiliency. Give this one a shot and let us know what you think!

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