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Pricey New MH3 Commander Decks Plagued By Major Printing Error!

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In an unfortunate twist of fate, as the prices on MTG products have shot up over the years, the level of quality control at Wizards of the Coast has been trending in the opposite direction. If you hit your local Prerelease last weekend, you likely saw one or two MDFC lands with the wrong back faces on them. A major slip-up, acknowledged by Wizards itself back in May. The issues don’t end there though. As the new MH3 Commander decks have hit shelves, players have been falling victim to another unfortunate printing error.

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An Unwanted Clone Effect

The error in question is the printing of duplicate cards in preconstructed Commander decks. While that sounds like a nice bonus at first, these duplicates often come at the expense of other cards in the precon, meaning players end up with an incomplete product. To say nothing of the fact that duplicate cards are useless in Commander.

Many affected players made their way to Reddit to share their woes, including LichKingDavis. His copy of the Graveyard Overdrive Commander deck from MH3 came with a whopping 11 duplicate cards, pictured above. While not all of these replaced another card, LichKingDavis noted that the deck was missing Terminate, Command Tower, and Demolition Field.

These missing cards aren’t incredibly valuable. In fact, the 11 duplicates are probably worth a lot more collectively. But to look at this issue through a finance lens is missing the point somewhat. Commander precons are meant to be complete, ready-to-play decks, right out of the box. Ideal for new and returning players alike. A deck with the error shown above, however, is not legal for use in Commander. The player who ends up with it will need to find some extra cards to fill in the gaps, which is not the kind of experience these products should be aiming for at all.

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Collector Reflector

I mentioned above that looking at errors like these through a financial lens is a mistake, but there are exceptions to that. Case in point: the same printing error on one of the prestigious MH3 ‘Collector’s Edition’ Commander decks. Reddit user Mlgmanyuji reported exactly that, showing off a pair of shiny Talisman of Resiliences for all to see.

While they didn’t specify which card, if any, was omitted in favor of this second Talisman, the exact details are almost irrelevant. As we’ll get into more below, the Collector’s Edition MH3 Commander decks are super-premium products, with absurdly high price tags. One card being missing could mean a significant loss of monetary value for the customer.

It’s not always just one card, either. LichKingDavis lost three thanks to this error, and other players in their comment section lost a lot more besides. According to PulitzerandSpara, players have reported receiving two identical half-decks rather than one full one, losing out on 50 different cards. Historical_Day4155 noted that their Murders at Karlov Manor precon didn’t even come with its intended face commander.

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The Price To Pay


These issues are egregious enough at the best of times, but doubly so in premium products like the Collector’s Edition MH3 decks. Thanks to Wizards’ recent abandoning of MSRP on its products, these decks have been going for some truly absurd prices.

Each Collector’s Edition deck costs several times as much as its normal equivalent. Tricky Terrain jumps from $69 to $172, Creative Energy goes from $46 to $110, Graveyard Overdrive goes from $50 to $160, and Eldrazi Incursion leaps from $139 to $335. In other words, you’re paying a very serious markup to own the Collector’s Editions of these, in some cases, already very pricey Commander decks.

To their credit, these decks do have a lot going on in them. You get the full deck in foil, as well as the Borderless Profile versions of the face commanders. That’s a lot of value, given how much being foil can raise a card’s price. Though, ironically enough, the opposite is sometimes true, due to the separate quality control issues with MTG foils these days.

The fact that these decks are so pricey has been a big talking point over the last few weeks. The idea that Modern Horizons 3, already an expensive set, needed another layer of premium products was not one many subscribed to. These decks existing isn’t the issue here, however. It’s them existing in a flawed state.

When a player is paying a premium price, they expect a premium product. Wizards’ customer service has proven notoriously tardy in terms of turnaround times on replacements, so errors like this can ruin plans for months on end. If Magic is to continue down the high-end collector route, then it needs to adjust its quality in kind.

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