24, Aug, 21

Major MTG Arena Updates Revealed by Wizards of the Coast On Stream

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Article at a Glance

During today’s Magic: the Gathering Showcase 2021, there was a bunch of new amazing sets and products coming in 2022 for Magic: the Gathering that were announced. One of the big things that we were hoping to hear about was more Magic Arena news on updates. We did get some of that stuff between the actual announcement event, and the WeeklyMTG that followed.

Jumpstart: Historic Horizons

Wizards of the Coast

The first thing that we heard was about Jumpstart: Historic Horizons. We’ve talked at length about this set, all through out it’s preview season. It is being released this Thursday, August 26th. With this set, we will have a bunch of new cards added into the Historic format, with some cards coming in from Modern Horizons and Modern Horizons 2. In the limited event that’s being ran, we will be picking 2 theme decks of 20 cards, and smashing them together to form our 40 card limited deck.

Arena Opens

Wizards of the Coast

The next bit of news that came up was updates to the Magic Arena Open. This is a highly competitive event on Arena that happens over 2 days. Players in this event have the chance to play for prize money and invites to pro level events. Traditionally these opens have been constructed Standard or Historic, but today we learned that Draft will be coming to these opens! For anyone who is a Limited fan, this is a great thing to hear! We don’t have a date as to when the first Draft Open will be held, but we’ll make sure to bring you that as we know.

Lord of the Rings!

Wizards of the Coast

As part of the Universes Beyond product series, one of the cross overs that we will be getting is with Lord of the Rings. We knew about this one for a little while, but had no information about it. We know now that this is going to be a full blown booster set. While this set will act like a Modern Horizons product, where it won’t be legal in Standard, but will be legal in Modern, this set is going to be coming to Magic Arena! My guess is that it will be legal in Historic, which should be great fun. This is still a ways off, coming in 2023.

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During the Q&A section of the WeeklyMTG segment, there was a question around Pioneer Masters. Blake gave an answer that, Pioneer Masters was in development before Historic really took off. While they did announce that they were putting an indefinite hold on Pioneer Masters as a set, the team is actively working back towards Pioneer being a format on Magic Arena. Rather than dropping a set on us and saying “Hey, Pioneer is a format”, the team is strategically seeing key pioneer cards into supplementary sets, and then we’ll just have enough of Pioneer to play it. No news or dates on how long this is going to take, but the team is working on it.

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There’s a lot that was announced today, and definitely still a lot of things to be revealed to us about Magic Arena. Did you get to watch the announcement? If not, check out some of our coverage of that here on the site! If you did, what are your thoughts on the new stuff coming out for Arena and for Magic in 2022? Let us know in the comments!

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