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22, Feb, 24

Four Major MTG Sets to be Previewed Tomorrow!

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Since returning from their holiday break, Wizards of the Coast has been utterly relentless in 2024. For better or worse, players have been utterly bombarded by news, previews, and announcements! On the one hand, this has made 2024 an incredibly exciting time for MTG players new and old. On the other hand, however, keeping up with all the excitement is now no small feat!

As if January didn’t have enough with its preview season, set release, and major announcements, February is going one step further. On top of having its own set release and spoiler season, February is getting the mother of all MTG preview events! Set to debut details about four major upcoming releases, this event isn’t to be missed!

While we know what sets are going to be teased and previewed tomorrow, sadly, details are unsurprisingly rather sparse. Thanks to this mystery, we can’t help but be intrigued about what the future has in store. If you too can’t wait to see what the future holds, here’s everything you need to know about 2024’s first major MTG preview event!

The Preview Panel

Modern Horizons 3 | Key Art
Modern Horizons 3 | Key Art

Just like in years prior, 2024’s first and potentially biggest MTG preview event is a somewhat exclusive affair. Taking place a MagicCon: Chicago, the aptly named Preview Panel will happen live in front of an undoubtedly excited audience. Thankfully, after the live audience gets informed, details will also be made available online for all to enjoy.

As for the exact dates, The Preview Panel will take place on Friday, the 23rd of February, 2024. Kicking off at 1 PM CST (GMT-6), this panel is scheduled to last a full hour. With four sets getting revealed in this time, players can expect a true deluge of nonstop reveals!

If you’re not in attendance at MagicCon: Chicago yourself, the best place to follow along will be on Twitter. Here, Wizards of the Coast will post all the spoilers, artwork, and announcements shortly after they happen live. While there will be some delay, Wizards will be posting everything in the highest quality.

If you don’t want to wait, occasionally, Wizards can be pipped at the post by MTG fans at the event itself. Unfortunately, while these reveals from players can be the fastest, the quality is often dubious at best. Alongside this, there’s no guarantee anyone will actually post anything, so you may be left refreshing feeds for naught.

Parallel to what is posted on social media, we’ll also be covering all the latest reveals and spoilers. So, if you want to see everything all in one place in as much detail as possible, just watch this space!

What’s Being Revealed

MTG Assassin's Creed Art 2

As we’ve mentioned already, during The Preview Panel, Wizards has confirmed reveals for four major MTG sets. These four sets are Outlaws at Thunder Junction, Modern Horizons 3, Assassin’s Creed, and Bloomburrow. 

Being the next premier set, Outlaws at Thunder Junction is likely going to get the most reveals during this preview event. Given the timing, it’s likely The Preview Panel is going to be this set’s First Look, in fact! Debuting a handful of spoilers, card treatments, and art, this should really get the set’s hype train rolling.

While we have an inkling of what to expect for Outlaws at Thunder Junction, the other sets are more mysterious. Beyond their names, details about these sets are sorely lacking and their release dates are currently unknown. Thankfully, if any information is to be revealed, we expect Wizards will definitely release each set’s release date.

Beyond those all-important and expected details, it’s unclear how much Wizards might show off. If we’re to put our speculation caps on, I’d imagine we’d see a few cards each for Modern Horizons 3 and Assassin’s Creed. If we’re lucky, Wizards may also tell us what a Beyond Booster is.

Following the tradition of early reveals, there’s a good chance that initial spoilers will be seriously exciting. For Modern Horizons 3, this could mean the reveal of an Eldrazi titan, or cracked soon-to-be staple. Meanwhile, a likely initial reveal for Assassin’s Creed is Ezio Auditore da Firenze since they’re synonymous with the franchise.

For Bloomburrow, sadly, it seems we’re going to get much less in terms of reveals. According to Wizards, there will only be “an adorably small peek” at the set. From this statement, I’d be surprised if we saw anything more than one card and a few new images.

But Wait… There’s Even More!

Fallout 76 Art | Bethesda
Fallout 76 Art | Bethesda

Ultimately, while we know what sets we’re going to see, the contents of them are still a mystery. As a result, we’re just going to have to wait and see what happens when The Preview Panel finally begins. Thankfully, the wait for this exciting event is almost over, as it’ll be happening tomorrow February 23rd!

To tide us over until tomorrow, Wizards of the Coast isn’t slowing down with the reveals. Currently, the preview season for the Fallout Commander decks is ongoing, with new cards being revealed each day. With previews continuing until the 23rd, these spoilers aren’t going to stop, even after The Preview Panel starts!

So far, the Fallout Commander decks are shaping up to be absolutely incredible. If you’re a fan of the franchise, there’s incredible flavor and even niche unexpected references which are a treat. Beyond this, plenty of the cards offer new and exciting support to existing strategies which is great to see. On top of this, there are even some insane reprints to get excited about!

On top of all the ongoing Fallout spoilers, Murders at Karlov Manor is even getting its Alchemy set soon. While spoilers for this release haven’t been announced just yet, they nonetheless add to the cacophony of content. Thankfully, while this is an awful lot to keep up with, we’ll be covering every important detail. So, if you want to see all the best cards, the latest reveals, and whatever Alchemy is doing, just watch this space!

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