12, Mar, 21

Magic: The Gathering Arena Facing Technical Issues After Latest Game Update

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Following the latest update with the Historic Anthology IV cards, Magic: The Gathering Arena players are experiencing technical issues in the digital card game with several players reporting that they couldn’t login the game and others seeing an incomplete client with missing buttons for play modes. Other players also reported that their matches were cut off because of server issues, and others were booted out of the game during a Booster Draft. They have shared screenshots of the MTG Arena errors on social media just shortly after the update was released on Thursday.

MTG Arena players are experiencing technical issues.

MTG Arena players shared screenshots of seeing the screen with the message: “Unable to login. There was a problem communicating with the server” even after uninstalling/reinstalling, and restarting the computer.

Here are screenshots of the client without the option to choose play modes:

SexyPistacchio – Reddit
Anten7296 – Reddit

According to the MTG Arena status page, Game, Logins, Matches, Social, and Store have partial outage.


“Minor Service Outage”? It looks like this is a major problem for many MTG Arena players. Thankfully, I didn’t see a major technical issue when I tried to login last night. Hopefully, the developers will fix these issues.

It’s pretty ironic that the latest patch which claims that “multiple improvements around connecting to matches and detecting and handling disconnections” has done the opposite.


Have you experienced any of these issues on MTG Arena?

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