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Historic Anthology IV Now Released on Magic: The Gathering Arena

Historic Anthology IV now live on Magic Arena.
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Earlier today, Historic Anthology IV dropped on Magic: The Gathering Arena.

Historic was implemented for Magic: The Gathering Arena in November 2019, as a format that allows Arena players to make use of cards that are no longer legal in Standard after rotation. The format is exclusive to Arena and is intended to be a casual way for players to play with all the cards in their collection.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, Historic has grown in popularity as players shift their gaming to the digital client. As a result, Kaladesh Remastered, Amonket Remastered, and three Historic Anthologies have been released to cultivate the growth of the client and the Historic format.

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Historic Anthology IV Now Available to Purchase

Historic Anthology IV adds 25 cards from Magic: The Gathering’s past to Arena‘s growing non-rotating format. You can purchase the latest Anthology for 4,000 Gems or 25,000 Gold and you’ll get a playset of each of the 25 cards.

You can also use Wildcards to craft these new cards individually by using a Wildcard of the appropriate rarity.

If you missed the announcement late last week, you can catch up on the details and the cards included in the set.

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With the release of the Historic Anthology IV, it may give birth to new strategies and archetypes in time for the Kaldheim Championships on March 26th. With the introduction of Death’s Shadow and Thraben Inspector, there is bound to be some creativity in Historic in the upcoming months.

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