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Sealed Magic: The Gathering Arena Open is The Largest Arena Open Ever

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The biggest MTG Arena Open yet.

Last month, Magic: The Gathering Arena brought back competitive Sealed in the Arena Open. It was the first Arena Open to feature Limited format instead of Constructed. Limited was absent from competitive MTG Events held on MTG Arena throughout last year. That Arena Open turned out to be a success as MTG Arena game director Jay Parker just revealed in a recent update.

“We wanted to take a minute to thank players and the community for the phenomenal response to the first Sealed Arena Open,” Parker said. “There was a ton of excitement that resulted in a huge response from players in-game as well, making this the largest Arena Open ever. We’re very happy to see such an enthusiastic response, and you can definitely expect more Sealed Opens in the future. (And yes, we hear the desire out there for a Draft Open.)”

Wizards of the Coast

The February 2021 Arena Open ran for two days (Feb 20 – 21), and it featured both best-of-three and best-of-one Kaldheim Sealed. Players had to earn four wins in Day 1 to qualify for Day 2. I was able to stream my first-ever Arena Open in Day 1 on the MTG Rocks Facebook page but didn’t make it to Day 2. I decided to join the event because I thought it provided great value as you also get to keep the cards in your Sealed pool, and having played in Grand Prix events with Limited formats, I thought competitive Sealed is fun.

Parker’s statement also suggests that there’s hope for Draft Open, a format which is more challenging for this kind of tournament since the game currently only supports eight-person Draft pods, so there would need to be an exact number of players to create multiple Draft pods to make it work.

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Would you like to play Booster Draft in a future Arena Open or would you like them to launch another Sealed Arena Open? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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