5, Apr, 21

Magic: The Gathering Arena Developer Reportedly Comments on the Importance of Spectator Mode

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Is Spectator Mode important in MTG Arena?

Since Magic: The Gathering entered into the esports scene with the release of Magic: The Gathering Arena, fans have been requesting one essential feature that would make it easier for tournament organizers and viewers to spectate a match, but Wizards of the Coast still hasn’t mentioned any plans to add this feature. Now it looks like an MTG Arena developer has commented on the importance of Spectator Mode.

As shared on Reddit, someone from Wizards of the Coast who reportedly goes by WotC_Ian on Discord explained why spectator mode is considered a low priority feature.

“Spectate needs to be implemented by the same people who make cards work, and it gets used by usually around .25% of the audience of most games, and it’s hard to justify pulling people off of new card development for a feature that niche.”


If Wizards want MTG Arena to be a major esports title on the digital card game scene, they should allocate more resources to get there. Spectator mode will surely make the live viewing experience better, and that’s why we included it in our 5 New Features Magic: The Gathering Arena Should Add. While it’s understandable that the dev team are prioritizing other MTG Arena features such as the recently-launched Android and iOS support, it would be nice to have a spectator mode for both major tournaments and casual play in the game.

Here’s one of the reasons why MTG Arena needs a spectator mode:

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Do you think spectator mode for MTG Arena should be released in the near future?

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