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5 New Features Magic: The Gathering Arena Should Add

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Magic: The Gathering Arena is the #1 way to play Magic: The Gathering online right now, but Wizards of the Coast’s digital card game has a lot of room for improvement and new features players want to see. The developers are currently working on bringing the card game to Android and iOS devices by the end of the year, and they are also planning to add new features and formats like Pioneer. Of course, players want to see their favorite eternal formats like Modern and Commander added to the game, but that could take years to bring to Arena because of their huge card base, so we’re not including it in this list. Players want to see more ways to play Magic in Arena, and there should be better tools for tournament organizers and streamers. There are also ways to improve the social features of the game.

Here are 5 new features we want to see added on MTG Arena:

1. Booster Draft With Friends

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Booster Draft in Magic: The Gathering Arena is fun, but you know what’s more fun? Starting a Draft pod with people you know. MTG Arena should add the option to organize an 8-player Draft pod and give you the option to invite friends in the game to join, and they can chip in gems as an entry fee to join. There will be a matchmaking system that pairs players based on results, and standings to see where each player is placed. Of course, the rewards for this will have to be adjusted to make it fair for the game.

Cube Draft with friends would also be super fun. MTG Arena should also let you build your own Cube that you can draft with friends. If you can do this on tabletop, why not on Arena?

2. Multiplayer Modes

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When Magic: The Gathering players want to take a break from the typical 1 v. 1 competitive games, they usually want to play more casual formats like Commander and other variants like Emperor or Arch Enemy. Two-headed Giant, a format where two players can team-up to battle another duo, would be exciting to have in MTG Arena. Since Commander has a massive card base, maybe the game can add multiplayer Brawl, 3 v. 3, or 4-player free-for-all

Multiplayer games would definitely give players more reasons to invite their friends for some casual Magic fun. Even if these formats are featured in limited special events that rotate out throughout the season, players will be thankful to have the chance to play multiplayer formats in MTG Arena.

3. Spectator Mode

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Remember when a hot singles pop-up appeared during an official Mythic Invitational livestream last year? This is why MTG Arena needs a spectator mode where users can watch someone else’s match without the need to use a streaming software.A spectator mode is essential in any esports game, and having it on MTG Arena would definitely make it helpful for tournament organizers to stream the match. Spectators should also have the option to rewind, zoom-in or out, clip, record, and do instant replay in during the match.

But spectator mode shouldn’t just be limited to competitive tournaments. You should have the option to invite in-game friends to watch your match even if it’s just for unranked games. There should also be an in-game lobby where you can watch ongoing tournament matches. Advanced options for spectator mode may include individual player stats, current decklists, and maybe a section where players’ webcam views are shown.

4. Organize Your Own Tournaments in the Game

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What if you can organize your own tournament in MTG Arena or start your own league? Local game stores or any tournament organizer who want to host MTG Arena tournaments would love this feature. The organizer would have the option to start a tournament bracket or a round-robin event without the hassle of using other softwares to keep track, and top players will be automatically rewarded with this system. Approved organizers would have the option to make the tournament open to all players or make it invite-only, and players can search available tournaments they can join.

Wizards of the Coast already released the Companion app for event organizers and players participating in those events, so why not integrate a similar feature in MTG Arena?

5. The Option to Chat With Your Opponents

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One of the things I miss about tabletop Magic is the social aspect of the game: being able to talk to your opponent even if you personally don’t know them, and many Magic players have made friends this way. Of course, not every stranger you play against will be friendly, and some introverts would rather be silent and just play the damn game, but MTG Arena should at least give the option to chat with your opponents. Magic: The Gathering Online (MTGO) has this chat feature, but MTG Arena only lets you chat with players in your friends list. There are time in my MTG Arena games when I wanted to ask their opinion about a particular sideboard card or what they thought about our previous game in a best-of-three match. The emotes in the game are not enough, and they don’t replace the social aspect of tabletop Magic, but having the option to chat with your opponents would be nice.

If you have any suggestions on what features they should add to the game, feel free to let WOTC know in the official MTG Arena forums. What other new features do you want to see added in MTG Arena?

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