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Magic: Legends Class Guide - Which One Is Right For You?

Find out what you need to know about the Magic: Legends classes and start planning your attacks now.
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With the Magic: Legends open beta now underway, we thought it was a good time to discuss the Magic: Legends classes, and to give you a little information on each of them to help you pick.

So, with very little ado, let’s jump into what we know about the Magic: Legends classes. It is, of course, possible to customise the playstyles a little with the deck you build, but we’ll get to that later.

Magic: Legends classes


It’s worth noting that you can unlock other classes as you go, and you can then switch between them as you do so, so you’ll never need to start a new character. It’s a bit like Final Fantasy XIV in that respect, which is wonderful.

Also, each of the classes has three abilities alongside the cards you’ll pick up and the deck you can build. The first ability is your basic attack, while the rest have a cooldown and are basically special abilities. The other side of things are the cards, which you cast using mana, with each one having a mana cost, and the cards cycling through your deck as you cast them.

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Geomancer – Red

The geomancer is your classic Red mage. They’re all about close-combat and form big old rock gloves to allow them to punch everything near them. This is the class for you if you really like hitting things.

Class Abilities:

  • Magma Fist – Punch enemies in front of you. The final hit of this combo grants 2.5% of your maximum health in shield for 10 seconds.
  • Volcanic Fury – Deal damage to nearby foes. COnsume an amount of shield equal to 5% of your max health to deal additional damage.
  • Furious Leap – Leap forward a short distance and damage foes near your impact point.

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Beastcaller – Green

The Beastcaller is aptly named because rather than fighting alone; they always bring along an Aether Fox. Their fighting style works alongside the wolf, and they can buff and heal them with ease.

Class Abilities:

  • Wild Slash – Cleage nearby foes with your aether axe.
  • Rending Throw – Hurl an axe to damage and Mark foes in front of you. Killing Marked foes restores health to you and your companion.
  • Wild Roar – Heal yourself and your companion instant, plus an additional amount over 6 seconds and teleport it to your location. It applies taunt to nearby foes and gets +2/+2 for 6 seconds.

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Sanctifier – White

The Sanctifier is a White mage who specialises in healing and long-range support. While they’re not great in a fight on their own, they can summon a powerful Angel to solve that problem for them.

Class Abilities:

  • Divine Bolt – Fire piercing bolts of holy energy at distant enemies.
  • Wave of Radiance – Create a wave of holy energy, dealing damage to enemies caught in the wake.
  • Salvation – Gain a Devotion counter; you can creatures you control are healed. Upon receiving four Devotion counters create a 4/4 white Angel token with lifelink for 20 seconds and remove all Devotion counters.

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Mind Mage – Blue

Blue mages have midrange attacks, deal debuffs, and occasionally run away because they’re not great in a right on their own. It’s pretty much what you’d expect.

Class Abilities:

  • Mindlash – Blast enemies in front of you with a barrage of energy orbs.
  • Confound – Deal damage to foes in a cone in front of you. Confuse a random foe that was not killed in this way for 6 seconds, then stun the rest for 3 seconds.
  • Illusory Escape – Taunt foes with an illusion of yourself and gain increased movement speed.

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Necromancer – Black

The Necromancer is a midrange Black mage who summons skeletons, drains the life from their foes, and use a pendulum to attack. We assume that’s because it’s a reference to time and how it decays all things, or something.

Class Abilities:

  • Grim Siphon – Lash foes in front of you with your necromantic pendulum, dealing damage plus additional damage over 3 seconds. The damage over time effect also heals you for 10% of the damage dealt.
  • Grave Upheaval – Deal damage to foes in an area around target foe, then create two 1/1 Skeleton creature tokens for 30 seconds at that location. Each skeleton still on the battlefield from a previous use of this ability is replaced by the new one.
  • Necromantic Aura – Sacrifices any active skeletons from Grave Upheaval to empower an aura that damages nearby enemies for a short time.

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